Second best year for Irish property

now thats telling us!!!
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Second best year for Irish property
Tuesday, 20 November 2007 12:44

Hmmm. I love those curves, you know you hit your peak, then the next year is your 2nd best year, your 3rd best year…

Sure as hell beats saying despite a record performance from the office sector, residential is tanking faster than the titanic…

A press release passing off as journalism if I ever saw one. The VI’s who were in control over the last 10-15 years now have no control. The old tricks they played on the masses no longer work. This is a sorry attempt (probably a by-product of some board meeting) to instill some confidence…

No need for stamp duty changes so!

“They built portholes for Bono so he could gaze across the bay…” - TUG

Who knew Whipping Boy would be the prototype property cynics years before their time!

I feel warm water running down my back and a smell of piss. Oh it must be raining then.

20% reduction in the size of the market !!!

What percentage reduction would be required to make it a weak year?

Most sectors being…?

Offices, and overseas.
Brilliant, we’re saved.