Security at senior politicians' homes cost €750,000

Not in quite the same league maybe, but I have it from a reliable source that a GP in Co Wicklow had the HSE pay for electronic gates for his house some years back.
Apparently the basis for this was that they were required in order to protect his surgery (which was attached to his house) where controlled drugs were kept.
I couldn’t understand at the time why the public were paying for a private business to have the gates installed.
Of course maybe he had already put an electric fence around the property, and they couldn’t get in any other way!

to be fair, we should be thankful the media’s attention has not being brought to the fact
that members of the Garda Siochána have been seconded from various Districts of the Dublin Metropolition Division to be deployed as extra security oustide the Dail on a DAILY basis.
Thankfully, they are not being paid overtime,
I assume security is just being curtailed in the other districts.

But you know the way the media would spin this type of thing!
they would be saying that Aengus o’Snodaigh and the rest of his crew were causing resources to be diverted away from those elderly memebrs of society in the surburbs that are most at risk from burglaries/daily aggravated attacks etc.