Seeking something DIFFERENT...........?

Seeking something different…?

Looks like a giant mushroom

I’m half-waiting for Bilbo Baggins to emerge.

Hopefully there’ll be someone able to rethatch it when it needs it.

I think it’s beautiful (…externally)

And a pigs ear internally, there is so much wrong with the simming room that i don not know where to begin

I wouldn’t know, I don’t even have a simming room.

Really? You haven’t lived?

simmering and sitting all in the one room, all the rage in the states

Must look like this

I often pass a newly built stone-faced, thatched house that looks absolutely amazing. They have even thatched the garage. They have also built a gorgeous traditional stone wall at the front boundary. The whole thing looks stunning, but must have cost a fortune as so many months of painstaking work went into it. I think it’s a good thing though that some of the traditional crafting professions of thatcher, dry stone wall building etc. are still here and that those who are most skilled produce buildings and structures that look like works of art. TBH I would prefer to value the work rather than ridicule it.

Hmmm, yes but with a little less visible access to the facilities.

A man’s home is his castle, but he should not be seen on his throne - very un-regal.

Remember these? … -them.html

Never saw them before, what drugs were they taking?

Actually, what drugs weren’t they taking

I agree it’s a very beautifully crafted mushroom :laughing:

I think its great, a refreshing break from the uninspired block work crap that “rural” Ireland is so fond of, a typical example of which can be seen in pic 4

My guess is that it is nicer than what most people on this thread live in. :slight_smile:

how much of it is original?

Well removing the render to expose the stone (which I assume has been sealed in another way) is not very Irish. We have a wet climate.

But the walls are the original 300 year old walls?
agree the exposed stone looks very unIrish. there is a Georgian, no probably Victorian, house in Sandymount that did this and it doesn’t look right, especially in a terrace of rendered houses.

Yeah walls could be original but they where probably originally rendered.