Seems the LL's are very fussy up north

Reported by, 12th August 2008

Seems they are clinging to their Traditional Right to choose tenants. :wink:

Blue Horseshoe

In fairness this is more a case of the ahem ‘community representatives’ putting pressure on him, rather than by his own choice.

Yep, it’s an interesting one. Seems to me this guy shouldn’t be in a landlord business. At least not in that area.


Why does he have to advertise his prejudice? Why doesn’t he just say no (cough), the place is gone when foreigners call?

I’m not entirely sure this is “his prejudice”. It appears the house was let to foreigners in the past, so he doesn’t have a problem.

His issue seems to be the little matter of having to repair the place and find new tennants when the local “concertned citizens” have driven his foreign tennants out.

Maybe he thinks the sign will convince the local “concerned citizens” not to throw a petrol bomb through his window.

Put up a sign, cause a bit of trouble, take down the sign. A small price to pay for “Insurance”.

If I’m right and he is effectively being told who he can and can’t rent to then he’d have my sympathy, although a better sign might have been:

“Foreigners welcome, but I can’t promise that the natives
won’t drive you out. Welcome to Northern Ireland”.


Still won’t fix his broken windows and burnt out rooms :imp:

I’m thinking he paints the sign on the sheets of plywood that he’s using to board up the windows.


Just wondering - are dogs allowed? But seriously, I think the LL in case is probably so ignorant, that he does not even realise what he has actually done. To be realistic - who else will rent a house in the area where windows are stoned and houses burned? Locals know the place and avoid - unless they do the stonning themselves. Only naive, unaware, smiling foreigner. 1 year lease, just sign there.