Sell Buy or Rent for Developers also!

Just heard from DNG that the developer of Rathmines Square has decided to rent out the apartments rather than sell them - all 46!

They’re not the first.

Can’t sell them for less then they are worth.

Waiting for the clampdown.

pfft Alliance building ages ago did the same thing and it’s all student flats now.

Register your interest NOW!!

Dublin is running out of rental properties, or maybe it’s just that square in Rathmines.

Did anyone see the shabby line “If you lived here you’d be happy by now” talk about clutching at straws. :unamused:

To remind people, there was a park there before this development. Not in the best nick, but with lots of lovely trees and a small but nice grassy area. With a bit of a tidy-up and some landscaping it could have been very nice for a city park. This could have been done at the same time as they knocked/rebuilt the swimming pool beside it (or not rebuilt it, whatever).

Now? A fucking hideous piece of shit building that nobody wants to live in which will end up populated by people who’s rent is paid by the government. Which I’m sure makes the developer feel warm inside. And as far as I can tell, almost all of those trees have been knocked down. Sick, sick, sick shit.

I believe there’s a replacement public pool incorporated in the development, but ffs you could have just rebuilt/referbed the old one without totally eviscerating the entire space. Which is what they’ve done.

I got a useless notice in my letter box today from Gormley telling me all about the new pool in Rathmines Square and how he secured more funding for it…

The place is a monstrosity, I can’t imagine what it is like inside.

Passed by Rathmines Square last night around 9pm and noticed several apartments occupied. This seemed rather odd to me since I don’t ever remember seeing any for rent on Daft. Anyone seen them advertised anywhere else?

Posters up in the Aliens Office and in Werburgh Street no doubt :slight_smile:

They have a Facebook page. How modern??

Looks like the Gym is opening to the public on the 27th and will cost 360e. Think Ill join. There seem to be folks living there alright, they are posting questions about Sky TV n that. … 4235805272

2 apartments for rent in Rathmines Square now being advertised on Daft:

I keep an eye on Rathmines rentals now and then and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Rathmines Square advertised like this since “launch” around the end of '09/start '10. Which has always struck me as very odd.

Anyone else noticed previous rental ads for this block?

I am a member of that gym, and it is actually very good. Over 50’s get in for FREE Monday to Friday between 9 and 1, so my parents use it all the time. It is always clean! The schools in the area get to use it during the weekdays also. I cannot comment about the apartments, but I will be in the rental market myself at the end of the month, so I have registered my interest with Robbie, and will report back. The asking price is like most asking prices at the moment, a bit rich.

Is it just me or do these aparments look like coucil flats from many years ago and not a brand new build from the outside I mean???

Well Robbie rang me. There are only two apartments being let, as above. No others coming on line at the moment.

I think “they” were aiming for brutalist architecture, irish style XX

From reading the Facebook page seems people have a lot of complaints about the place. And they say rent was to be increased this year (not sure if it happened). Madness!!