Sellers dragging heels


Went sale agreed on a property in Nov, Since then the seller has dragged their heels and to date i still have no sign of contracts. Wouldnt you think in this market that sellers would be in a rush to get the deal sealed. Anyway considering dropping my offer or pulling out of the deal. I did get an offer of 23% less than the asking price accepted but there are a few things needed to be done to the house.

Any Advice?

Burn the money and run.

Unless it is literally the house of your dreams or the only house on an isolated island that you want to live on…drop your price, and if that doesnt focus the mind walk away

No its a house, cheap and just in the location i want. Just seemed like a good price but now i’m getting really annoyed that 3months later and the only thing they can say is, a delay in getting title deeds. if i rent in same area house would be 200-250 a month higher than what my mortgage would be.

Yes and rent will stay static and mortgage costs will remain the same for perpetuity…

Forever and ever.


Its common enough . Maybe the seller is trying to close on another house and the seller there is dragging their heels . Get your solicitor to get on to their solicitor . Become a pain for the solicitor and get them to do their job . Threaten to walk away .

I sold a place once and it dragged on for 4 months ! The buyer wanted this piece of information , that title dating back 900 years or so . I just figured they were having problems raising the finance . Turned out he was some heavy hitting solicitor from a big law firm . My solicitor was terrified of him . I instructed him to pull out of the sale and he replied ’ You can’t do that ’ I asked why and he replied ’ Emm because ’ I thought he was going to hide under the desk as he made the phone call .

The house is an ex rental and is sitting empty,. dont even think its being checked over the bad weather and so on. There was a ton of mail on the hall floor. Trust me, the solicitor and estate agent are very sick of me.

Is it his to sell? Has he given personal guarantees lately etc. etc.

Good point .

Only thing i get told is that there is delay with title deeds and it wont be long. that was dec and jan excuses.

My mortgage approval runs out in 3 weeks, broker is onto me non stop for updates. right pain in the rear end. Only reason havnt pulled out is hassle i’ve gone thru to get to this stage. Have been going thru in my mind if i ring EA and drop offer by 5-7k and they say forget it, deal off how would i feel??

If the asking price was sane to begin with (and factored in that work needed to be done), then getting 23% off sounds ok. OP might lose out a wee bit over the lifetime of the house if prices drop more, but it hardly sounds ruinous to me.

Just do it - reduce the offer by 10% and tell them you’ll do that every month till they get it sorted, if he tells you to F-off and you find that you regret it, your allowed change your mind you know ( there won’t be anyone else bidding in the mean time ! ) and if you feel you are eating humble pie doing so, get your sister to put in a mysterious offer at 5% less.

The 3 week limit on your mortgate approval is the important factor if they are in a position to sell. Show them written evidence of this date and tell them you would have no choice but to lower your offer after that. Can’t really argue with that.

Good advice above.

In addition, because you’ve raised it here, raise the point of the house being empty over the winter.

Insist on the drains and gutters being cleaned and that all pipes and heating are checked before you finalise.
Ask to see invoices from a reputable company - these cant be faked like his mate Joe the bodge-job drain cleaners.

This, by the way, should be demanded by all buyers on all houses all the time.

I sympathise. I am on the other side, trying to sell. I agreed a very low price in November because I want rid of the place Its my late father’s apartment. We’ve already been sitting in probate for 18 months due to my useless solicitor. Anyway, unfortunately my solicitor is still being useless, but they told me today we should close within two weeks. I should have sacked the solicitor after probate. :imp: Anyway, my lot are getting a very cheap apartment (under £60k), they better not drop their offer! XX

do you telling us where the apt is/ how big/new etc?

Its in Derry and in need of refurbishment.

My folks were in that situation a year back. accepted an offer on my late Aunts house. Surveyor said there was a problem with a drain. Turned out it was a blockage 4 doors down. Anyway they got dyno out, cleared it up, surveyor came out again, said it was all good and the buyer pulled the offer anyway!!!

I guess i’ll have a long think tonight and ring my solicitor in the morning to see if any developments. If nothing i’ll ring the EA.

I didnt drop from my original offer after i got my surveyor report because i didnt want any delays. 2k worth of repairs to roof and windows needed so 2k + 5k for the 3month delay seems fair to me.

Surely this must be an exception. I wouldn’t think there’s plenty of sellers dragging their heels once they have a buyer.

Equally I don’t think there’s too many sellers of Dragon Heels
BTW - Love THOSE shoes!
What’s the problem with the Deeds?? We pulled our offer on a house where the deeds were ‘lost’ even though they offered a guarantee from their sollicitor ( in the post Michael Lynn era it’s a trust no-one scenario!)
Take it as a sign and run! ( or maybe just walk carefully away in Gaga’s footsteps! ) :-GC