Sellers ignoring the new BER requirement.


I was just enquiring few properties (three in total) with the local EA and I asked him about the BERs. None of the 3 had it. Are sellers just not taking it serious? Is it not their own interest? Or the opposite?

Is there anything which the buyer can do, demand, report, etc about this?


jayzus you want to inform on them for not having a BER! :laughing:

Just tell the EA you wouldn’t be prepared to view a house that had no BER done.


From 9th January 2013 the BER has to be on the advert. It’ll be interesting to see how that is enforced.


It’s the law of the land to have one in place at sale or lease - not sure who to report it to though.
There is probably bad reason for the omisson in each case - and if you are seriouslyl
conteplating a purchase on a gaff with one - get your own done prior to bid
if possible.


Is it not only required from 9 january?


To be honest, I cannot afford to pay for a BER for each property which looks appealing to me. With the new law I was expecting sellers to have them done by now (this was announced back in November) so I could view the BER report myself and not just to be told the BER rating.
I may be too picky or demanding…or just stupid of me thinking that seller would have it so soon.


Got one done when I sold my house in 2009 - I remember when I looked into it that I could have improved my rating significantly by changing to low energy light bulbs and improving the lagging jacket on the immersion!

After that I never bother with it when looking at houses. Seemed like a money making racket.


Well the vendors are going to have one for any buyer from this month.
Not everyone of your choices needs back-check - just the final chosen one for bid.
From what I hear there are a few too many tame or attached assessors out there - so just be careful out there!


It’s also illegal to use a handheld mobile phone when driving, anyone know who I might report this to?

More practically, my experience of bers is that vendor mostly only gets if they think it’s good or when the sale is Being concluded.

I think there is also an element of subjectivity based on some of the results I have seen.


My understanding in France is that you have to publish the BER when advertising the property. This dates back a few years at least.
It’s very rare to see a property advertised without a rating.


Was in France a few weeks back and walked past an estate agents in a small French town. It had the standard A4 sheet ads in the window each advertising a single property. The big difference however is that half of each Ad was the graphical version of the BER rating.

Twas a bit over the top really, you couldn’t see much from the photo of the house and the amount of blurb text was very limited. I’m guessing the size was imposed by regulations of some kind.


Lads, with respect France may be a great model for our civil servants to follow but it’s terrible for taxpayers and citizens who labour under costly regulations. Anyone one know if this costly BER requirement is an EU requirement or an option which our regulation-addicted government signed up for?


**It’s number 666, :open_mouth: **


I wish more properties for sale had BER ratings then it would be easy to see which house will cost me less to heat. at the moment we are viewing a couple of houses built in 98, they are really solidly built but I have no idea if they would cost much more or less to run than a 2008 built house of a similar size??


Took a picture last June when on holliers (a pinsters is always on duty) of how Parisian EA displayed the BER certifications in their windows. Must post it up.


Probably no difference - If the 2009 house had Planning Permission from previous years it would have
been under pre 2008 Regs. It may, however, have a more efficient gas boiler as these units
improved from early to late nouthies.
As pointed out in an earlier post - some of the BER factors can be relatively trivial costs such as cylinder
lagging and lights.
Insulation is probably at optimum thicknesses in a late 00s house and,
apart from some serious air-sealing, its the. manner of use of the
dwelling that will affect your effiencies most of all.
My kids thought that my only job in the house was going around shutting doors and shouting
“Turn it down” and “Turn it off” for years!


The BER is farcical. You could spend 20grand getting external insulation on your house and your rating won’t improve but spend 20euro on a few energy efficient light bulbs and you’ll improve your rating. Worse is the BER assessor doesn’t bother to give you the light bulb info in advance of the assessment


A '98 House will be around a C3 rating.
A '08 house will be around B1.


I looked at this last year and the new houses were averaging around B3. It appears from the BER stats that nothing much has improved, but in reality anything being built at the moment is probably achieving a very high BER.


If the law is broken, do you not report it to the Gardai?