Sellers ignoring the new BER requirement.


Does anyone here have experience with living in an ‘A’ rated property ?

My sister built a house in 2005/6 and it got a C1/B3 rating.
It’s warm in the winter and very hot in the summer.

Would an ‘A’ be too warm or stuffy ?


Lived in a B1/A3 (can’t remember exactly) for a year (renting) - found it bliss. I once woke up and wasn’t till I walked out the door till I realised it had snowed - some shock!

One blast of the gas for a half hour had the place warm for the day and sometimes two.

Enough hot water all year round for the two of us from the solar.

Never found it too stuffy - easy to open a window if needed.

Actually I must go home and check what our gas bills at the time were out of interest.

IMHO C1 isn’t great - our current house is C2(I think) and is draughty as hell. Unless it was draught proofed at the time I’d wager the same. How is it ventilated? We had a C2 with big f’uck off holes in our walls - ridiculous and really shows the limitations of BER.


E-mailed myhome re a particular agent in my area not listing these. Surprised to get a response

‘All agents have been notified of the requirement for BERs. I will pass this to the relevant account manager to follow it up with them.’


Interested? They’re the one’s publishing the ads with no BER.


Domestic Building Energy Ratings
Quarter 3 2014 … rter32014/


I suppose they should know how to lie with statistics :slight_smile:

An alternative headline might read “Of the almost 500k properties assessed 7,283 properties were built in the period 2010-2014 of which 29% (2,112) have an A rating bring the total to almost 1%”


Domestic Building Energy Ratings
Quarter 4 2014 … rter42014/


I guarantee you that greater than 23% of buildings produced since 2000 have a rating of D or worse but they weren’t the ones presented for sale forcing a BER to be done.
the apartments with electric heating can achieve a D rating for example, mine couldn’t anyhow.


Domestic Building Energy Ratings
Quarter 1 2015 … rter12015/


Domestic Building Energy Ratings
Quarter 3 2015 … rter32015/


Estimating the impact of household energy savings measures for Ireland using the BER database

Report due out in Feb


A lot of new-ish apartments with electric heating manage a D (most of the lower-end Grand Canal Docks blocks are electric, and almost none go below D), and a very few a C3. They don’t really go much higher than that, though.


Also there is basically nothing you can do to an apartment to improve BER, the reason for electric heating is simplicity and insurance for the block being cheaper.
There are possibilities of a whole block getting a shared oil boiler or solar water but its impossible get all owners in a block to agree.


They don’t all need to agree :slight_smile:

In some cases a simple majority will do or at the extreme a 75% majority where memo and articles need to be changed. Than it is merely a case of levying each apartment owner.


Report here … _final.pdf


I issued a complaint to the EU about non-enforcement of BER in property advertising SI 243 since Feb 2013


Thumbs up. Now if only there was somebody we complain to about the property price register which is as shit as ever.


Excellent work there Temene.