Sellers ignoring the new BER requirement.


All Certs are seller supplied. The seller pays for them. The seller can either get their own or use the agents assessors. Are you saying you think one is more trustworthy than the other? You want a BER cert but you don’t trust the source of the BER? By extending your logic, the only acceptable BER is one commissioned and paid for by a buyer.


I really dont understand the desire to ‘shop’ people for this. Most houses I can see have them with a few non compliant ones who will eventually roll in.


No desire to shop people just wanted to see the regulations properly enforced from the date they were introduced.


I know where they come from - and most of them, by independant professional assessors, are probably OK.
I have heard of sellers pressurising assessors to just nudge it a little to get an obvious ‘E’ into ‘D’ country and at the time of BER setting up back in 2005/2007 a lot of the folk training were from, guess where, Estate Agencies! A guy I know in Limerick has sworn to me that a local EA has a ‘tame’ BER Assessor in tow.
In this Gathered Land, one just always has to be aware that you have more consumer rights buying a bar of chocolate than a dwelling.
If you think you have the right house - it might be no harm to get a back-check of the BER from an assessor of your own choice.
In case of discrepancy - scream, shout and stamp your feet!


But your assertion now makes less sense than it did at the start. Which BER do you trust exactly? The so called “tame” assessor is also subject to audit. Does this assessor know a bunch of tricks that another does not? I just don’t understand what YOUR criteria are for the BER to be valid.


I think, that when the buyer is getting a survey done, that at this time the BER should be listed.
If it’s found to be ‘E’ then, as with anything else the surveyor finds, you can go back to the buyer and get a reduction perhaps on it.
While the Seller is having to pay for it, then of course it will always be on the better side, and if you’re getting a surveyor to detail it then I expect it would be on the lower side.
Paying a couple of hundred Euro to someone to tell me that I had a level C but I could use energy bulbs and that my boiler could be better nearly sent me through the roof. It’s all a scam and there is nothing there that a surveyor should not be able to tell the buyer.


The energy rating on a washing machine is advertised before you buy it - shouldn’t this also apply to the biggest financial decision in most people’s lives.


What a ridiculous comment. As just one example, when doing a search on myhome 9 out of 22 properties advertised by my local estate agent do not have any reference to BER rating. I already spend too much of my time trying to find the right house for sale without having to the job of an realtor also- they demand a considerable price for their service so the least they can do is follow the current legislation.

To just blindly accept this as an inconvenience is just another example of the ambivalent and meekly accepting attitude prevalent in Ireland to so many examples of laziness and unprofessionalism.


Then don’t view the properties !! And get real about ber ratings, they are less than a good surveyor would tell you.



That’s all good and well but its the law to display it.


Ridiculous amount of properties for let or for sale still not advertising the BER as required by law since 9 January 2013.


I have received an email from myhome with regard to this topic:

“The SEAI and the Department of the Environment are responsible for implementing the law. We have written to agents on numerous occasions to inform them of their obligations in relation to BER and the field is now a mandatory one when uploading properties.
The SEAI and the Department are giving some leeway in relation to historical properties but for how long exactly I am not sure.”


MyHome seem to be taking it seriously – they’ve apparently made it an actual field you have to fill in and can search on etc. Daft, on the other hand, seem to just count on people filling it in in the body of the ad. DAFT seem to have not done any updates to the site in quite some time and it’s badly in need of work (no BER field; b0rked mobile links; still no Chrome/Mac maps; etc) . Hopefully they’re working on something in the background and will unveil it soon… although the cynical among us may think that the guys are having too much fun with their new toy (The Journal) and may be in danger of neglecting the cash cow that funds it all (Daft).


I find it frustrating that this good idea has just become a tick box money making exercise at time of sale.
No house should be allowed to be advertised without it, might stop time wasters advertising a house they don’t wish to sell as well.


Congrats to myhome for doing this. A number of agents where leaving the official field blank while putting the details into text field.


not really it seems:
BER Details
BER To follow.
Energy Performance Indicator: X kWh/m²/yr

Example: … agent=9093
~60% no BER of the latest 10


There is a small estate Agent on who has advertised their small number of houses (<10) with BER ratings from A1-A3. I have phoned to enquire about a couple of these houses only to be told “the BER rating is still pending” and that the A rating is not correct. Any recommendations on how to follow up this blatant brach of the law?


It’d be interesting to see how a garage advertising cars as 40 mpg then telling folks coming for a test drive that it was really 20 mpg would get on!


its not a breach, any property ad has at the bottom a disclaimer saying we could be lying so don’t take it seriously until we get to contracts


so theres nothing stopping all the sellers on myhome sticking up A1 for all their houses to satisfy the requirement. Yet if they leave it blank its worse! madness