Sellers ignoring the new BER requirement.


You should have complained about this exclusively.
It is an offence for the facilitator of the advertisement not to display a BER in advertising. this could be a newspaper, website, television, radio etc.

Someone grab an advert today and submit it for non-compliance


I was thinking along the lines of going straight to whatever office/department in Europe is responsible for oversight of the implementation of European Legislation and filing a complaint over the widespread non-implementation of the law.


Seems like you must send them links to each property not complying for them to investigate. And then follow up say a fortnight later to see what they have done.


Fair play - will be very interested to see their reply (or lack of).


Que 200 links or even worse 200 emails each containing a link :smiley:


SEAI have radio advertisements at the minute about the requirement for BER in adverts. Never heard them before.
“It’s the law”


i lodged two complaints today - one for a rental property and one for a property for sale - will post up any replies /PFOs.


I wonder if we did a blitz & identified 200 properties & 40 pinsters sent complaints for 5 of them using a form letter. Do this for a week, & then pick another 200 properties. Wash, rinse, repeat…

Eventually we’d either fill some inboxes or force the issue :angry:


I suspect you’ll find that the Deleted Items folder doesn’t fill.


Well obviously at some point if no-one receives a satisfactory reply, then you move up the food chain to a supervisor, or county manager or something … that or you just go nuclear & call Joe Duffy !


Creating the BER requirement was a mistake in the first place; an example of rentier politics at its worst. The predictable outcomes have now been realised -

and a circular reference to this thread.

If you are intending on buying a house for a couple of hundred thousand euro, do your own due dilligence for 0.15% of the purchase price. I personally believe that the local authorities resources are better spent elsewhere than ensuring the privileged house buyer can rest easy on the BER statement from a privileged property owner :smiling_imp:


Unfortunately their resources will probably end up being spent on paying the fines when we are dragged through the European courts for non implementation of European Law (as is so often the case).

#133 … r-2013.pdf

Latest national domestic stats for BER, as of 20 Nov 2013

A1 6
A2 126
A3 1,942
B1 6,155
B2 14,675
B3 32,194
C1 45,081
C2 51,242
C3 53,713
D1 54,936
D2 49,229
E1 28,188
E2 22,163
F 22,010
G 30,326

Total 411,986


Wow, would love to see those A1s.

Edit; there are no less than 7 houses on Myhome claiming an A1 :smiley:

None of them provide certs mind you!


Prompted by this thread and looking at the counterparts of my typical 1950’s SCD Semi-D I see a raft of “C3” ratings at best (even down to G in some cases). I suspect I am probably C2 at best. Does anyone have a sense (or indeed an example) of what external insulation (done properly) might move such a house to?


About a B3.


That was A1 Sharon.’

It’s just an expression of general satisfaction. Not to be confused with the Building Energy Rating system.


Law for over a year now and zero enforcement still. Welcome to Ireland.


There is 100% enforecement, as without a BER cert a sale ***cannot ***be completed.

The only issue is *when *the BER is conducted.


Sorry but there is zero enforcement of the law requiring properties for sale or rent to display a BER Cert. Look on Daft for 5 minutes and you’ll see that.