Sellers ignoring the new BER requirement.


Fair play - I take my hat off to you.


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Well done again Marc.


Well done Marc!

Annoying the interviewer chimes in with the ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ argument, adding to the media’s biased narrative.


Thanks for the good wishes, guys. Feel free to call them tomorrow to continue - I didn’t get around to mention the council’s lack of interest for example. Retweet. One issue at a time :slight_smile:


Emailed Alan Kelly at last week basically expressing my disappointment at the lack of enforcement of the requirement to display a BER cert and that there appears to be no push from central government to enforce this legislation. I also asked what European Authority I could complain ti about the lack of enforcement. Am still awaiting a reply unsurprisingly.


Unsurprisingly no reply from either email. Have contacted my local MEP with a view to raising it with the relevant European body.


My local authority got back to me, the director of services for planning states:


Fuck me, the ignorance of that response is frightening


I find it honest. “We’re stretched, have found that we’re not obliged to react to this particular transgression and use that fact to prevent our stretched resourced being expended on something we consider low priority”.

I can’t say the lack of a BER cert would make any difference to my purchasing decision given I’m going to be crawling all over a potential purchase such as to render a BER moot.


I suspect the lack of enforcement thus far would speak louder than any legal letter.

As with any business, impediments to a sale tend to reduce sales (in the mind of sales people most certainly). If e.agents need first to ensure the vendor has a BER then that would result in an impediment and so in reduced advertising for Myhome and Daft.

You’d have to have the authorities show some actual gumption before anyone would get their knickers in a twist at MyHome or Daft. A legal letter is as easily ignored as it is drafted.


I emailed the minister of the environment about this 3 times and didn’t receive a single reply. I have started emailing my MEPs to see if they can point me in the right direction as to who to complain to in Europe. At this stage I think the only way this is ever going to be enforced is if Europe gets involved.


You’re wasting your time.
No purchase can go through without a BER, so it eventually gets done in the end.
That’s all these people care about - the box eventually gets ticked.


It is illegal to advertise a property without listing one regardless of whether one is produced to close the sale.

#174 … rms_en.htm



Yes, I know.
But that’s my whole point.

Your screaming about the box not being ticked at the beginning, but what I’m saying is that they’re not really concerned about when it’s ticked, just that it is.

As they don’t have the resources to police every ad, they know it has to be ticked by the end, so that’s all they care about.


Can’t disagree with that. Lack of enforcement stinks to high heavens. With most councils struggling for funds surely an easy source would be fines for not listing the BER cert on property listings.


I agree. Tbh I haven’t really ever found the BER to be anything more than a waste of the paper it’s printed on. Until I was actively house-hunting I used to think it was little more than an expensive way to state the obvious about the energy efficiency of a house but having actually read a few, they don’t even aspire to that. I saw one recently that marked a house down as it had single glazed windows. Fair enough except that the house has 16 windows and 15 are double glazed. Yes, it’s pretty obvious that the 1 single glazed window needs replacing (or as the old owner had planned; removed and the house extended from that wall, which is why that window wasn’t upgraded along with the rest), but marking the whole house down because of that is ludicrous.


Personally I think the TV license is ludicrous - still have to buy it though as it’s the law.


Great comparison.
It’s a tax that’s primarily used to prop up vested interests, impossible to police effectively and hence subject to mass evasion.
But nobody could care less if you or your neighbour ‘forgets’ to pay, because we all know that it shouldn’t exist in the first instance.


I’ll be selling soon and will get a BER but its such nonsense, a way for the Govt to pretend that they give a damn about energy efficiency and the climate etc but passing the cost on to the consumer and another nice little earner for the professional classes.

According to SEAI, the difference between having an A3 rating and D1 rating is about €1300 a year in running costs which may even be less as it is a guess as well.

Yet the cost of moving a house from D1 to A3 could easily be €13000 meaning you’ll have to spend ten years there to break even. Even if you are intending to live there that long you may choose to spend the money up front or over the period. In many cases, it makes no economic sense to do much to the house to save energy. Where I presently live, I see lots of elderly people paying exorbitant money for external wall insulation, despite the fact that most of them will be dead before they could ever save the cost of it on their bills. They’d be far better off turning the heating up.

Another load of ordinary people being brow beaten into handing over their hard earned cash to another load of VI’s being glad handed by the Govt.

If the Govt really gives a toss about the climate, I wonder what the energy efficiency rating of Hawkins House is? Next they’ll be telling us that Wind Power makes economic sense…oh, hang on…