Selling a House: Like Stealing Candy from a Baby

I was very amused by this post over on AskAboutNegativeEquity:

Are sellers now reduced to cradle-snatching?


a claim for permanent brain damage probably :frowning:

Any lawyers in the Pin ?

I understood that technically, until one reached your majority, you are unable to enter into legally binding contracts ?

This individual would have to have their Parent, Or Guardian sign the contract, as they themselves couldn’t be forced to comply with the terms of the contract !

Or a trustee but in all cases one who can be called upon to prove that the investment was in the best interests of the minor .

Personal injury claims are usually kept in court until the person reaches the age of majority, save for a few disbursements along the lines of a new computer for christmas etc.

It must have been a fairly substantial and debilitating injury to buy even a modest house, so the odds are that if its true the child was probably paralyzed and needs a special access house or some other special accommodation. Otherwise
I can’t see how they would be able to get so much money released from a claim.

you can enter into contract as a minor but can rescind when you reach age of majority
i think you can reach age of majority at earlier of 18 or when you get married

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