Selling a house

I am looking to sell my house in Dublin and I was looking for information on what estate agents are the best to use. I have narrowed it down to three but would like some feedback on agents you have dealt with

Is your house in Tallaght, Terenure, or somewhere else completely?

There are different, local EAs who might be good in every area. You’ll need to be more specific.

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Tallaght who?

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Sorry, couldn’t resist another Knocklyon joke… :angry:

As for agents. Castles staff must be the world’s happiest. They are always “delighted” and “proud”.


Don’t use Norths, serious incompetence.

Used them to sell our apartment, found them good. I mean, they’re estate agents so you wash your ear after you get off them phone to them, but good all the same.

The house is in terenure

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thanks for your help, what about the other agents in Terenure, Gunne, Maher Gleeson, Lisney, DNG??

Who around your area seems to have more “Sale Agreed/SOLD” signs up?

Really you should invite a few of them in to assess your house, come up with a pricing strategy, and generally fight for the right to act on your behalf.

That doesn’t just mean going with the one who values your house the most (in fact the opposite may be best option.)

thanks conor

I sold back in 2010, I got SF DNG and Castle in to give me a valuation. The valuation SF and DNG gave me were way above what I knew to be achieveable, but that of course was to get my business. I eventually went with Castle, who valued my house at a more realastic price, and they sold it for me no problem, in fact they sold it for me twice, as I had to pull out of the first sale due to personal reasons. I know they get a bashing on here, but I had no problem with them, but I appreciate everyone has their own opinions and stories to tell. So whoever you go with good luck anyway.

The house I am in at the moment is for sale with Castles. They have never been in to see it ( despite my making it available ) they took 3 or 4 bad photos of outside to use in the ad and the description is nothing to do with the house I am in at all, nothing like it in fact. It’s also in the wrong spot on the map and totally overpriced ( not 100% theor fault I imagine ). There has been about 3 “viewings” all which have been cancelled at the last minute, intended I believe to plomas our landlord into thinking there is interest ! I certainly wouldn’t be using them was I selling a house.

I’m looking to buy in the terenure area so have a few years experience from a purchasers perspective. None good.
Lisney & DNG seem to be shifting a bit in the area.
All in all though, none of them are great. They almost never follow up post viewing. The best for that in my experience is SF.
If it is a 4/5 bed near the village pm me :nin

The Pin as EA. I like it. Make sure to send in your 1.5% to provost.

Why not try and sell without EA (not being cynical, no one can do this better than you will)?

For all their faults, EAs are better than DIY vendors. I believe this because in viewing houses I have come across plenty of the DIY merchants and they were all rubbish without exception. I have also observed DIY attempts to sell in my locale have always failed.

This is a good way to try to sell your house only if you want it to be sitting around with no bids for months or years in a falling market. Any small saving you hope to make would be quickly wiped out by your inability to do the job - unless you have experience in this field, in which case knock yourself out.