Selling by Auction - Is there always a problem?

…with the property, that is. Ignoring the Allsop’s mega auctions, very few dwellings seem to be auctioned here. Of those that do, I am automatically suspicious. Very often discussion of the properties reveals a planning issue, or some obfuscation of title, or a structural issue.

But should you **expect **a problem with a property up for auction, or is it a case that it is just a significant portion of auction stock has these issues?

Usually auctions are used here for more expensive properties, and I rarely expect any issues when I see such a property for auction. Cheaper properties are generally always for sale by private treaty. Generally I expect issues when I see something that seems underpriced.

For some reason in this country land seems to be mostly sold by auction. I’m not sure why this is the case.

I love the Australian style auction where the house is auctioned at the kerb on a sunny day. Would love that here!

Of course, if you are going to bid at an auction you will have had a survey undertaken beforehand. (Wonder does that happen with buyers at Allsop Auctions?).

It’d make that one sunny day in June super busy though - all the auctions for the year having to be completed in one day.