Selling through two agents?

Put our house on the market in March. Priced it at 12-15% lower than similar properties in the area. Have had less than a handful of viewers.
Feel the agent isn’t being proactive. I approached the agent to reduce the price signifiantly to get more viewers (to their surprise) and am the one pushing the agent to call people on their books.

Have noticed signs where there are two agents selling. Does anyone know what happens in those cicumstances - do I need to pay more advertising fees to the second agent, do both agents get some kind of commission or is it a case of winner takes all - whichever agents gets the sale gets the full commission. Of course I could just phone and ask them but I’d like to have an idea of what the norm is before I negotiate.


What does your contract say?

Good point! I’ll check that first!

you might end up paying 2% to one agent and 2.5% to another…

in the US it’s normal, but I don’t know in Ireland…

We had an EA like this terrible altogether bad communicator - told us that someone had made an offer weeks afterwards but didn’t relay this as we had the property on at X amount, EA would make comments like I told you about the couple who rang from such and such -eh no you didn’t we got rid in the end. I done a check on of our house the price it was first listed at didn’t show? You may have a problem if you signed to say your EA as the sole letting agent, So you might have to change EA. I know sometimes there can be two EA is people are separated and they both want their own agent. Good Luck we listed 50k lower than similar smaller properties and 300k lower than the peak.We are even including most of furniture and all electrical stuff as we are going to the U.S but since its over 300k buyers are hard to come by mainly cash buyers as EA said people are finding get money out of the banks. Seriously considering renting it at this stage

The biggest telling factor - it’s overpriced !

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you priced it at 12-15% lower than similar properties in the area, that it’s at the market level.

12-15% lower than overpriced can still be overpriced !

Reduce it by 10% more and see what happens.
You may like to wait until next month to do so, as we are still in holiday mode. It’s up to you.

I agree with mr_anderson. Keep dropping the price. Your house is only worth what somebody wishes to pay.
Also if you dont like the job the agent is doing then just get a new one. Dont have two at the same time, it will end up causing confusion at the very least.

Get a friend to ring up current estate agent looking to view your house.
See what happens. Is it easily arranged, does the estate agent get back to them etc.

If the estate agent is helpful to them, move or don’t move estate agents, but drop the price.
If the estate agent is truly useless, move but try at your current level before dropping the price.

Sell it yourself and knock the 2.5% off the price now.

This is what tends to happen when people try and sell themselves…

(Apologies for the bad copy and paste)

That’s brilliant.

It’s like house price tourettes !