selling to buy

We’re thinking of selling our small starter home for a bigger family home. Currently living abroad so the house is rented out - but will be moving home in the next 12 months and need a bigger house when we come back. We’re in a really lucky position to own the house after paying it off early. Have spoken to an estate agent who is going to view the house and get back to us in the next few days with a quote but he reckons about the 480 mark. If we’re happy to leave the property on the market until it sells (ie not in a mega rush to do it) would it be wise to do it now - would also probably drop price a bit if needed but not too much. The slightly bigger houses have recently come back to within our prince range so hence we want to buy while we can. If we plan on staying there at least 5 years do you reckon its wise to both sell and buy at the moment? Any words of wisdom or advice?

Hi there,

I think it would be a good idea to sell now…it may take a while but if its priced correctly (and I am sure most EA’s are not now overvaluing houses, or they will be left with them) and you are willing to drop the price after 4-6 weeks if it hasnt sold, then you should be able to shift it. People are buying at the moment, slowly but there are buyers out there. We have looked at 2 houses recently, just to test the water, and both have recently gone sale agreed.

Better to come back to Ireland with money in your pocket and be ready to buy.

Good luck with it.