Senator who got six mortgages in a day counts cost … 14892.html

Callely is one of the , , s ever to appear on a ballot sheet.

Good enough for him then! 8DD

Looks like he was trying to catch up with Fahy,

Ballsy write this?

No and double fucking no.

Oh, how I laughed when I read this… :smiley: It made my day.

I know this probably breaks the no-glee policy, but I can’t help myself.

Mortgage Equity Withdrawal where fictional values become real debt.

I don’t really get this:

Surely when the latter houses were bought doesn’t really matter? It is the date when the mortgages were drawn down, and thus there is no doubt the whole shebang are in NE, unless Mr. Callelly literally banked the money and can just give it straight back. Right?

This situation makes it absolutely imperative that there be no debt forgiveness for those in NE.

Or at least not for specuvestors.

Register of Members Interests of Seanad Éireann 1 January 2008 - 31 December 2008

How come Ivor only has to declare the house in Artane and the site on the Clontarf Rd. Any reason he would not have to declare the rest of them?

Perhaps they were always in his wifes name,she was a far a memory serves the daughter of a wealthy businessman,who made his money on the sale of chain of chemists.

Of course, but not for anyone. I think we should take a case to the EU of the Gov tries to steal anymore of our money to bail out these people. The money is not growing on trees, we are the ones paying it.
As it is we still have to pay the difference between the cost of private bank investments and their worth, so any drops in price have to take in the 100,000 or so we all have to pay over the next 20 years or so.

What really gives me the shits is that we are already doing that thanks to the endless billions being shovelled into the Anglo furnace, bailing out the big players who took a punt and now want (and are getting) their stake back, but it’s easier to get people riled up and furious about the idea of giving Joe ‘Canny’ Soap his stake back in his pissant property investments. Not that he should get anything back, but the level of public apathy about one and fury over the other just baffles me.

Why is this? Is it because of the sheer scale of the talk of ‘billions’ that people can’t relate to (I certainly find it hard), or is it a more subtle class thing? We’re conditioned to seeing rich greedy bastards get out of anything, but when it’s your neighbour… god the blood boils.

How Anglo’s HQ on Stephen’s Green remains pristine, unbroken and unegged is absolutely beyond me…

The senator was booted out of the Dáil by the good burghers of Dublin North at the last general election (although why the same fate didn’t also befall his constituently colleague, Deputy Haughey jr is beyond me) . Fortunately, he had a “friend” who was able to give him a “dig out” and appoint him to the Seanad.

Perhaps once there, he should have sought advice from Senator Ross before embarking on any financial transaction rather that adopting the default property obsessed position of his party. It would appear, that even in the Capital, FF members think “The Field” is a public information film on how to invest.

Blue Horseshoe

Dublin North Central actually. He still managed to get something like 15% of the first preferences.


That’s one word for him. :imp:

Is`nt Ivor a great friend of the Taxi Driving fraternity also…?