Sept 08-Significant jump in business closures

Report from FGS … 99e860&M=2

Not good.

Blue Horseshoe

Not a surprise either. Will be an avalanche of retail closures after Christmas.

I don’t think this includes companies that just dissolve, without any debts.
It would be interesting to see those.

I believe you are right, this is only companies seeking liquidation. It can take years for a company which stops trading to be officially counted as defunct, I received a final demand from Revenue in 2007 for a company which stopped trading in 2002, having never received a prior notification I might add. I believe a company can stay dormant for many years so it is unlikely any decent statistics exist of companies going out of business.

Were you filing annual returns all along? Companies are supposed to be struck off if they don’t file an annual return and the directors get a kick in the arse too I believe.