SERVICE NOTE: phpBB FORUM software upgrade

Please be aware we will commence the upgrade of forum software staring from approx 6pm tomorrow Friday the 5th of Sept 2008

This may continue for the rest of the weekend but should be finished by then. If you experience any disruption in service this is why.

If you find yourself bored of suffering the shakes go have a pint, read a book or tell your partner how beautiful they look naked.

We may also get a chance to add functionality in conjunction with the massive outpouring of support and action brain storming of support to do something.

We’ll see. It all depends on how smoothly it goes.

Open Window

There will be some downtime Saturday morning between 1am and 2am to facilitate some site changes and upgrades.

Downtime will hopefully be no more than 5-10 minutes, everything going well.

Update: Work is now complete!