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Seems to have been Fortunestown Lane Lidl Cooldown Commons, Dublin

What the hell is going on in West Dublin?

Armed gardaí called to Tallaght after officers come under attack from looting gang, youths use digger ‘to smash into supermarket’


Several different shops/pharmacies/fuel stations done over the course of the evening with that JCB apparently.
How many people now out of work because of them. This will make news internationally too.


Ah sure, he only made those initial comments when he thought the good citizens had broken in to Lidl…with a JCB…to get bread!


Yes, (and I know you’re being flippant) but not because the good citizens were hungry. It’s because they were stealing from “corporations” who’ve apparently been “robbing us blind.” It was a “revenge attack” on a low-cost, no-frills discount store.


He cynically tried to get some street cred with semi educated lefties and thugs by commenting on a video of people looting food. ‘Cardboard gangster’, what a good description of him.



John Connors can get a job digging holes if the acting doesn’t work out


This is the guy whingeing about not having an agent? So the local area will be without a cheap supermarket for a few months. Who does that help. Scumbag cheering on scumbags.





I had to laugh at the commentary on twitter …some of the PC brigade were more outraged by people referring them to as “scumbags” more so than what they did. What do you call somebody who loots a supermarket, then robs a jcb partly demolishes the roof it in order to rob the safe, breaks into other shops as well as burning out a few cars in the vicinity!


Troubled. Disenfranchised. Neglected. Unloved. Uneducated. Take your fckin pick…

Forgot my favourites.

Most vulnerable in society.
Most vulnerable immigrants in society.
Immigrants. Those people. Not our kind.

Don’t call them the following.

My kind


They’re certainly not ‘my kind’.
And if I had neighbours like that I’d be out of there rapid!
And thankfully none of my family (and I have a large extended family) are involved in crime like that (that I know of!).

So no, I won’t be calling them any of that.


Disabled. Forgot disabled. Good allowance for that.

And Citizens. That 2. No allowance for that. Just benefits. :nin


When the “trouble making” get called “the troubled” that’s just silly. The youngest person charged was 24…we can’t even use the excuse that they’re “youths”.

You forgot one description to excuse…It’s part of their culture


The gas thing is the lads named today mostly sound irish, the exceptions being a couple of Lithuanians and a chap called Mohammed who could just as easily be a true blue.


International co-operation then ? So it’s good news story really


Having watched a good deal of the social media videos. There is a high probability many tens of the assailant opportunists have not been apprehended at this point. Some may be about to because of said social media but most likely many will not due to image quality and other factors (incl. legal?). The videos were also marked by an industrious and jovial tone.

However, more notable it seems is that this story broke out of Ireland very fast and became an international story of looting.


Looting with a Backhoe digger does put it into a different league, especially as it appeared they tried to take the shop as well.


Word on the street suggests there was bread and milk in that Lidl. :nin


Lidl sell diggers as well! :stuck_out_tongue: … er/p229972