Severe Siberian front on its way ... like now?

I’ve been hearing a lot about a severe Siberian weather front headed our way for next week or thereabouts. :confused:

Anyone got any deeper insights?

My own thoughts if we had a week or two week event similar to the last two events times that woudl inflict possibly a deathly blow to many businesses on the brink.

Garbage. Two bad winters at start of 2010 and end of 2010, once in 50 years type winters in one calendar year, and everyone in Ireland is on Siberia watch.

Of course if it happens in next week I’ll have egg on my face. Watch countryfile this evening on BBC1 if you want to know what the weather that can be predicted (i.e. 3-4 days ahead) looks like.

There’s been a huge increase in announcements of hard winter weather since the big snows of 2009/2010. Much of it seems to be aimed at selling something - usually winter tyres or home heating oil. I tend to ignore them all tbh. If it snows, yay. I like snow.

Although having worked in a motor dealership which has since gone out of business, 2010 was practically dead and really, really didn’t help us. I’d agree with Open Window that it’d kill off a few businesses with a poor Christmas period.

(FWIW - forecasting 10 degrees on Thursday and a weekly low of -1. Longest-range forecast that I’ve seen anyway)

Pussys. -6 and snow today in Heidelberg. You don’t know ye were born.

No. Not between now and Christmas. It might be wet, windy and cold at times, but it won’t disrupt the run up to Christmas. It looks like after Christmas there might be a risk of colder weather.

The models were showing a massive snow event for next week but more recent runs have moderated. Looks like it will be cold, but not remarkably so, with some wintry showers at the most. Funny how the media seem to be so far behind the actual forecasters - what you’re hearing from them is about two days out of date at this point.

It’s just scaremongering by darkened coal men and snake oil men :wink:

I actually think a lot of these media morons report what they see on Sky News and they don’t fully realise the significance of Ireland being a distinctly different geographical region. It’s like these fools who follow English soccer and use ‘we’ to describe the team. When the match is cancelled due to snow they’ll get their fat asses off the couch and wonder why it’s raining outside.

Does not look like anything major on the way ->

Atlantic dominant for us at the end of the week ->

Ok happy with that. Will unlock thread if it’s a white out anytime soon.