Sewage? - Treasury HoldingsConf Centre on verge of S-Bend

Convention centre does not yet have proper sewerage facilities … 97168.html

"DOUBTS HAVE been cast over the planned opening of the €380 million national convention centre in Dublin’s docklands after it emerged that the development does not have required sewerage facilities.

The convention centre consortium, led by Treasury Holdings, was required to build a sewage pumping facility under planning conditions for the development. However, just two months ahead of the centre’s planned opening, construction of the pumping station has yet to begin.

The Spencer Dock development, now known as The Convention Centre Dublin, can hold up to 8,000 people but is currently connected only to the local drainage network which Dublin City Council has said is already operating to full capacity."

Seems to be some issues between TH and DDA too… how odd. Sorry, but isnt there some due diligence missing here re: inspections etc? I mean if they managed to get electricity into the place…

They should just capture all the sewerage from the Convention Centre in tanks & then store it in the gardens of the directors of Treasury Holdings until they put proper facilities in place.

I imagine that will greatly speed up the process ! 8DD

‘ahead of the opening’?
They had X factor auditions there a few weeks back, does that not count as ‘open’?

I saw loads of people wandering around it the other night,last Friday I think it was. It was all lit up and you could see people walking about inside. It looked really impressive. It must have been some kind of open evening or something.

Presumably it was a BYOB do!


I live downstream of this thing, will my poops be for your nasal delection as a result “going forward”?