SF proposes creating an extra bank holiday, 24 April


rte.ie/news/2013/0221/368919 … ublic-day/

I’m all for another day off work. Nicely fits in between Easter and May bank hol

Now if we can find another one between June and Oct bank hols and get it up to 11. Any ideas?


So what’s St. Patrick’s Day then ?


Finally - the Shinners actually come up with a good idea! Another day off - saweet… XD BD 8DD


No complaints here - extra day off would be nice.


That lad from Wales with the snakes. Sure wasn’t he a great lad. Definitely worth a day off in his honour :mrgreen:




Anniversery of the Battle of the Boyne perhaps!?!?


I know he was Welsh, but I thought he was from Dumbarton?


Key dates in Irish history


–get searching lads :slight_smile:


I’ve always found the stretch from Jan 1st to March 17th heavy going. A day off somewhere around February 7th would make more sense.

Paddy’s day is suspiciously close to the spring equinox. :nin

Edit: Anniversary of Shergar’s kidnapping would be February 8th. Maybe could suggest this to Gerry?


Make Valentines day a bank holiday - woudl be some compensation for the hassle involved aound it.


Its less Bank Holidays that the economy needs and not more.

The Government should disestablish the October Bank Holiday, the weather is usually wet and cold anyway. If everyone went to work that day , including the DAIL it would generate an additional 2% GDP. - Now thats real patriotism for you.


good idea for the economy - but we are also a society.


So if everyone gave up their holidays (20) and bank holidays (10?) and worked ten weekends (20), it would generate 100% additional GDP? That’s like magic.


I’ve always held the opinion that the first Monday in every month should be a free day.


2% GDP for 1 working day (out of 250) ! Wow!

Now, if we abolished all nine, we could get an extra 18% GDP.
Or, at constant GDP, we could all take off 15.4% of the new longer working year. In other words, if we gave up all bank holidays, the government could give us 15.4% of the new longer working year as holidays, so we’d get 40 days’ holiday { 259-(259/1.18)} in exchange.

Sorted! :unamused:

Even better, if we than gave up those 40 days, our economy would grow by 80%.

One more iteration, and none of us would ever have to work again. 8DD

Where do I cast my vote?


Can’t see much benefit for the core Sinn Fein vote here. Surely every day is a day off for most of them anyway?


Just the 1st Monday?

I’d love every Wednesday off, really breaks the week up :smiley:


How about a bank holiday the first weekend in August… oh wait. :-GC


You do know that when European bank holidays fall on a weekend they don’t get them?