SF proposes creating an extra bank holiday, 24 April


If I recall correctly, a “bank” holiday is not necessarily a “public” holiday, and I presume it’s the latter that SF are pushing.
Good Friday, for example, is a bank holiday in ROI, but I worked it every year I was in employed in Dublin. Easter Monday is both a bank holiday and a public holiday, so if you work in a bank you have an nice long weekend, but not everyone gets the Friday.
An employer isn’t obliged to give days off on bank holidays, whereas a day off on a public holiday is obligatory (or extra compensated).


Agreed. Also places that close on good friday need to be charged an unpatriotism tax.


SF mean a public holiday. The link in the first post refers to the existing public holidays. It’s just bank & public are used interchangeably.
Vote for us and get a day off


Yes, but that is mistaken and RTE should know better. I was very disappointed the first time I had to work on Hot Cross Bun Friday, especially as all the shops were closed and there was nowhere to get lunch.


I would happily enjoy a “Republic Day” holiday **IF **I were living in a true republic as opposed to a BANANA REPUBLIC.

Talking of which, I understand Bob Geldof was on Radio 1’s John Murray show this morning where he expressed his disgust about how this country is run.

And I’m old enough to remember him saying exactly this several decades ago on the Late Late Show.

Some things never change.


No point in have a public holiday in Jan/Feb - everyone is broke and the weather is miserable. If you are not a fervent patriot (or a west brit :smiley:) 24 April still has some merit but will be too close to the Easter break on a lot of years and too close to the May bank holiday weekend most years.

If we’re voting for another public holiday, I’d go for the first Monday in July.


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What about the 7th of December? To celebrate the abduction and murder of Jean Mcconville. We could call it “Patriot Day” or something.


Could we just rename the easter monday bank hol to Easter Rising Day? Would that keep everyone happy?


July 1st - “Lynching Day” - to commermorate the public hangings in 2013 of all those who brought the state to its knees.


I don’t think there would be much appetite for hanging everyone who voted FF, and all those that never voted. In fact anyone who didn’t vote for the Greens, seeing as they were the lone political voice pointing out the unsustainability of our property economy. And all those that borrowed imprudently. And those that supported their unions while they negotiated partnership deals that are responsible for the deficit. I might have left someone out, but I’ve probably covered mot of them.


I’d settle for the ringleaders.


SF masterstroke. Give people a day off work in return for legitimising the provo’s. Fantastic.


The Greens and those who voted for them, for propping up the last FF government. :wink:


I think that this is a fantastic idea. A holiday to celebrate those who helped us achieve nationhood and continue to do so. We may have a messed up country but at least we have a say in how it is run or indeed messed up. We only have to look to northern part of this country to see that without the heroic efforts of republicans, up until very recently, we would have been treated as second class citizens. Bravo Sinn Fein, another great move.


Not quite sure it’s a masterstroke but understand your remark. If SF are to broaden their appeal, then I think they should give such populist notions a rest, and concentrate their energies on more mainstream issues. Closing the Dail bar isn’t high on my list of concerns either.


It’s interesting that you think that mainstream does not equal populism, maybe you mean serious or something other than mainstream. When was the last time that an Irish government was elected on a non-populist platform?


Maybe he’ll renounce his citizenship - wait, no he won’t; he’d lose his UK Non-dom status
He’s more full of shit than Bono

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I’d accept this but with a slightly amended name: Easter and Partially Digested Chocolate Rising Day

Another option, seeing as people complain about a day off in February, would be July 11th. Anniversary of the ‘truce’ that ended the War of Independence. I know people get a bit misty-eyed about The Rising, but it was the guerrilla war that achieved results.


Fair point. FF have been the masters of the populist politics.

To explain more fully, if SF are to gain more support outside of their traditional demographic then I think it would be to their benefit to concentrate more on policy development in education, technology and transport issues. While an extra bank holiday might go down well with some, I doubt if employers and business interests would be that excited about the idea.