SF proposes creating an extra bank holiday, 24 April


July 11th is a holiday for members of the Defence Forces.


While I see your point, is it not ironic that SF want to introduce such a holiday to commemorate those who contributed to Irish independance at a time when we are not in full control of our own economic affairs? Maybe a once off holiday in 2016, perhaps?


We could piggyback on banana day! - Third Wednesday of April!



Another Bank holiday!

Oh no, don’t we get enough miserable rainy days as it is already?


There you go, it’s looking less costly to implement already!


I find the stretch between New Year’s and Patrick’s Day murder. I propose Imbolc/St Brigid’s Day, 1st February. The weather might be shit but at least you get to stay in bed.


Would Valentine’s Day not be better for the staying in bed business?!?!


A slight adjustment and in the spirit of reconciliation what about July 12th :angry:


Why Bill Cosby’s Birthday?!?!


Flexitime…never had you down for a wannabe public servant Mr A… :wink:


Troika day…to celebrate Lendahand of Ireland’s masterstroke in saving the entire European banking system at the stroke of a pen…

Further evidence of SF being the new FF who seem now to be the old FG who in turn seem to be the new PDs…vote for me…Ill give you more holidays…benchmarking anyone?


Just thinking.
It would be good Poll material - ask a lot of folk if (the yeas have it!) and when (more interesting!) they’d like it.
Maybe we should all celebrate Leap Year Day on 29th Feb every 4 years - that wouldn’t break the bank!


No, it’s more people working, not more work for each in a job.

Yes, I noticed that, and was impressed at how much Belview produces in one day!!!


Good call, “Dependence Day”




the period from March 17th until whit weekend is packed full of bank holidays.

Brigids day in Feb and the autumn equinox would be good additions.


Good but isn’t that everyday for the next 44 years!


Well April 21st is the Queens real birthday, the Official one is in the summer, & there’s never been a better time to brown-nose to the Brits. We should probably get used to celebrating their holidays, for when we are forced out of the Euro, & the Brits leave after their referendum, the perfect time for a new Act of Union. The Republicans should be happy, an end to the partition of the Island, & all that :angry:

I like the idea of remembering the kidnap of Shergar too; commemorating the last time crooks contaminated our food supply with horse meat :angry:




If we are to have an extra day off would an Independence holiday not be more fitting that to commemorate the Easter Rising?