SF proposes creating an extra bank holiday, 24 April


Probably. And as soon as Ireland attains independence I think you should go for it :slight_smile:


How about “Kunt’s Day” - god knows we’ve enough of them in this country to warranty a bank holiday.


It does seem a little stroketastic at a time the country is bust.


the two mondays after the senior all-Ireland finals should be public holidays.


I have it!
National House Viewing Day.
To honour our recent traditions and the enduring spirit of property obsession.
EAs could sponser floats, NAMA open up their stock to the masses, organised groups of tyre kickers be bussed around choice properties they could not afford or really like anyway etc.
Plain Clothes Property Tax Inspectors would remain on duty to mingle with the crowds.
Wholesome whole family fun!


No, any independence day should mark the 1918 elections. To do otherwise lends legitimacy to dissident terrorist groups.


Another Idea!
Banks could do an annual country wide block repo to control the flow into market - everybody has day off to attend local events!
I see it now:
Grabbers v Crusties competitions, Gleefreaks v Bleeding Hearts, Best Dressed Bailiff, Historical Reinactments with Peelers and Battering Rams, Longest Free House Chancer Award … everybody wears a jingle mail badge …MASSIVE!


What chance the mods could merge this thread with the Donie Cassidy Day thread?
He hasn’t gone away you know!

10 April 2008: FF have a duty to tell first-time house buyers, young couples with no previous experience, that there is unbelievable value in the marketplace today. It will not last forever. It is never the wrong time to do the right thing. I offer the House the benefit of my experience and my opinion which is all any Member can do. I will remind the House, perhaps in 12 or 18 months, when prices have again increased by 25% or 30%, that they were told this by the FF Leader of the House on this historic day, the tenth anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

Ease the pain of mortgage misery! Make April 10 Donie Day your choice for the new bank holiday!


Bit awkward seeing as Easter already is a holiday, surely?


The only way we’ll get extra bank holidays is if Noonan decides to bring in a holiday tax.


In all seriousness, I think this is a really really good idea.

It should not just be a bank holiday - it should be a “carnival day”.

People would wear Donie Cassidy masks and make effigies of other infamous Irish gombeens.

For that one day, the whole country expurgates the spirit of gombeenism that has pervaded this country since at least the famine. Have parades with floats of greasy tills and money lenders and the like.

If you look to a number of cultures, they often have one day where taboos are brought into the open. The reason is that these things do much more damage when they lie beneath the surface.

Probably, you couldn’t call it Donie Cassidy day. It would be shot down too easily. But, how about ‘Gombeen Day’.


That’s a brilliant idea! It could be a bit like Guy Faulk’s day in the UK. A day to warn children about the bogeyman.


And burn the Gombeen on a bonfire … suggestions anyone???






Guaranteed Bank Holidays!



An once-off extra day in March and a permanent new bank holiday on Feb 1st from 2023


Mandatory Day off.


What’s the point in a random day of the week off at the most miserable time of year? July would make a lot more sense.