Shane Ross - not in my back yard.

Shane Ross is objecting to a medium density development a few km from Dublin City Centre.

He thinks there will be an access issue. Funnily enough he is the transport minister, so im sure he could cook up some access extra access roads as minister for that sort of stuff.

He will no doubt find favour with the locals. … 12317.html

Love the weasel phrase “completely out of character” with the area.

Neither of those sites is in Dublin 4.

Anyone who knows the area would probably agree that a five-story apartment block is well out of character for that location. Mount Merrion should probably have protected heritage status given its uniqueness as a classic, “between-the-wars” Garden Suburb - the only one of its kind in Ireland. … pment.html

Great angle, HiFi. We could probably use the same excuse… uh i mean “valid concern” to cover the nearby 3 square Miles!

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Greg Kavanagh seems to come up against a lot of (highly public) local resistance to his developments for some reason. It seems like it could be handled better.

Are you suggesting dark coloured envelopes?

I’m not a developer or a concerned local resident, so I wouldn’t know. But other developers don’t seem to have these highly public issues. Maybe it’s the journos need paying off. :nin

I could seriously go on a rant here. Fookin politicians are all the same. All those retirees on state in affordable civil service pensions living in Mt merrion

My heart fookin bleeds

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It’s 1964.

From what I can tell the site is here: OpenStreetMap

Cherrygarth is a T-junction off Trees Road Lower which forks into two cul de sacs of about 25 houses each.

The site would be accessed from BEFORE where the road forks so maximum five houses would see any extra traffic!

It is on the far side of a road and a row of houses from the primary school, which is itself accessed by a 600 m walk!

The site is of course perfect for infill development: almost no need for new schools, access roads, civic amenities, utility pipes, etc.

The same argument applies to the the hot-shot planners who recently rejected the Kiely’s development 500m north. Failing to note that the good denizens of MM had to put up with FACTORY on the adjacent site for many years. Jesus wept.

Shane Ross is just a mouthy hypocrite.

Go to:

and search for:Shane Ross

andyou get:

Co. Wicklow

for the construction of outdoor swimming pool for private use …

A pool is alright for Shane but houses for the little people. Fuck no.

And lest we forget some of his past fuckwitteries: … 27732.html … 84061.html … 30916.html

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didn’t he make a few quid selling off his gaff for **development **before moving to Enniskerry … k-1.580089

a few laughs to be had in that profile :smiley:

Brendan Burgess puts the boot in … ss.156055/

I think you need to picture Ross in a flat cap and with a Kerry accent and you will have a better idea of what you’re dealing with. Amazing the amount of people he’s taken in.

except the Healys are successful business people*

Ross writes about business or more accurately write brown-nosing articles about business people

e.g. … 52933.html

***partly thanks to Kerry CoCo… **

I’m doing a disservice to the Healy Raes in my comparison, no question about that.

Housing crisis?
Object to houses

Road traffic?
Object to road upgrades or reduce truck loads … -1.2731696

Shane Healy-Ross at your service


To be fair, he hasn’t yet suggested drink driving licences. Some way yet to fall.

What I personally find funniest is when he attacked Semi State pay for senior execs “such and such isn’t worth x hundred k.”
He’d be complaining about someone with hundreds or thousands of staff, experience, major importance to the country and often private sector track record.

While Ross himself at the time was a Sindo talking head with a staff of 3 as business editor. But might have been making 200k

At least half of this country can be accused of this moronic stance at any given time. For shane it’s a vote winner, and it costs how much did you say to buy an average home in his constituency? it’s particularly obscene when it’s an rte ‘star’ on half a million like joseph duffy or marion finucane doing the faux marxist pontificating