Shane Ross vs Robbie Kelleher

Great Stuff!!! … 16704.html

I think the Glee Rule might apply though.


Nice little cat fight there. :smiley:

Just noticed it mentions Grafton was at 6.78. Glad I dumped that sucker at the first oppertunity.

A dish certainly best served cold. A very amusing read.

But always remember, A short term voting machine, a long term weighing machine. It could all spin around again in 2008, you never know.

To be honest I found that article very childish.
From his own admission, Ross was initially wrong, but now he is right (and is determined to make a song and dance about it).

As an ex-stockbroker, He should be well aware that the markets are volatile. Should the market rebound in the next year or so, will he still claim victory because he told people to sell ?
True victory only comes about after he advises everyone to start buying prior to the rebound.

Very much a case of counting your chickens before they have hatched.

Incidentally, I have to confess that I am no fan of Ross or the Sindo.
‘Sir’ Anthony O’Reilly has not been one of Irelands best businessmen. Long standing shareholders of Fitzwilton and Waterford Crystal shall attest to that. Nevertheless, due to him being the papers’ owner, never a bad word is said about him. In fact quite the opposite. The sycophantic fawning over him and his family in practically every edition of the Sindo is nauseating.

I hate the Indo too. I like Shane Ross generally speaking.

I do think the article was childish, but I think it was deliberately so. I thought the point was to play off the childish nature of Robbie Kelleher’s emails. And more specifically the fact that those email start and stop.

I would prefer if Shane would stick to articles that show Experts acting contrary to their own advice. Such as Bank of Ireland talking up the property market to the public, but telling private clients to sell, and indeed selling themselves.

If Robbie Kelleher believed the advice he gave then he’s just a stockbroker who got it wrong. Considering about 90% actively managed funds fail to match the market that’s hardly news.

If he found out that Kelleher was betting against his own advice, that would be a good story.

As it is it’s just entertaining.


A very entertaining read alright…

Shane is excellent in the Senate , a great technocrat who gives forth top notch policy speeches, maybe the best of all in there .

He is a bit of a flibbertigibbet in the sindo but IS amusing, unlike most the pompous loathsome windbags who write for the thing.

Anyone in the stockbroking business with any cop-on would be working in the city. Davy stockbrokers are for pseudo-stockbrokers who couldn’t make it in London (or didn’t have the balls) or just want an easy quiet life in status-quo Ireland.

Davy’s daily reports are laughable at best. These morning briefs that are churned out make me want to puke up my breakfast.

He certainly knows how to get votes! His xmax dinners in the Dail restaurant for recent trinity graduates (there are a lot more of these than middle-aged todgers) seem to do the trick!

That seems to be happening a lot lately. I am concerned, I think you should see a doctor or maybe change the diet, frosties mixed with sugar puffs just don’t kick it anymore, your body needs nutrition! :wink: