Shannon Airport freed from the tyranny of the DAA … egion.html

I’m delighted.
Hopefully Ryanair will open some routes to Germany.

A couple of years ago I remember arriving late for a flight leaving from Dublin Airport(late as in an hour before deaparture) with the security check queue all backed up.
An auld lad from DAA who was supposedly there to assist the public roared at me that it was my fault for arriving “late”.
DAA are just like CIE and I’m glad that they’ll have to compete for at least some of the passengers now.
On the 22nd I’m flying in to Knock on a 30 euro ryanair flight.
Knock is 160km from home.
Shannon is 140km from home.
Dublin Airport is 120km from home with two tolls and traffic jams between along with another 3 or 4 KM :wink: to walk to the departure gates and then you have to negotiate backed up security-in between.

This is quite interesting. I live in the region and have seen firsthand the tumbleweeds that now go through the airport. The area has a huge tourism pull, and industrial estate with a lot of US multinationals, good university in UL. A lot of the pieces are there to succeed. I worry about who it will be turned over to run it. I am expecting gombeenism to run rampant and we wont see much benefit from it. I think any job creation in the mid west will be directly and indirectly related to Shannon Airport. The region needs to get the running of this right. We shall see

O’Leary was on drivetime about this. He suggested selling it off, the primary focus of the airport should be bringing tourism to the West and that the days of it being a hub for US pre clearing were long gone. Worth a listen back on rte if only to hear him go off on one

So Shannon is free from the tyranny of the DAA, and in the possesion of Shannon Development. From one quango to another. Big deal.

Sell it off to the highest bidder. Get rid of surplus staff and gold-plated union-negotiated contracts. Create a low-cost airport to serve low-cost airlines and you will create a lot of jobs in the mid-west.

Will they all have the cushy terms and conditions of the present workers? No.

But there will be a lot more of them and the total benifit to the region will be many multiples of the cost of maintaining this fucked-up stasts quo, as shannon development surely will.

I heard the minister (Richard Brutal, I think), talking about this on RTE this morning. Once again the interesting questions were those that weren’t asked by the interviewer. This ‘deal’ involves a merger between Shannon Airport and the Shannon Development Authority. Both of these bodies are up to their armpits in debt. The new body will be under a ‘new’ board. The ‘new’ company will start life debt free!!!

The question that the interviewer should have asked is, “what is going to happen to the debt?”

The answer is of course that the taxpayer will pick up the tab to allow the birth of this ‘new’ company.

The next question that should have been asked is “are there any plans to sell off this new company?”

The ministerial answer to that would be “of course not, we have ‘visions’ for this project” (I did hear ‘world class’ aviation maintainence hub mentioned :laughing: )

The next question that should have been asked is “Have you got Denis O’Briens telephone number?”

Hopefully they will pitch the price of parking at a more market realistic level -the fact that it currently costs more to park in Shannon than in Dublin is indicative of the nonsence that goes on.

Or indicative of the debt ?

It will be good news if this actually means that Shannon is finally removed as an obstacle to the development of other airports, particularly Dublin. Its actually ludicrous to think, in current circumstances, our Minister for Transport is directing so much attention to Shannon; all this devotion to throwing good money after bad, as if the most important thing in the world was giving Shannon yet another break on the off-chance it might actually make a go of it this time.

But, mostly, its sad that the key dilemma facing our Minister for Transport is how much more damage he’ll have to let Shannon do to the country, and for how long, as it marches towards “independence”. Personally, if I was working in Dublin Aerospace, I’d be screaming blue murder over any intention of the Government to cut the ground from under me by giving some tax break for aircraft maintenance companies based around Shannon.

Shannon has had every incentive, and its very own development agency in the shape of Shannon Development - set up specifically to promote traffic at the airport since 1959. And now, by the sounds of it, they’re going to get another gift of €100 million. What’s need is a divorce, that finally leaves Dublin Airport unencumbered.

I think that’s more indicative of its isolated location, not as likely people can be easily dropped off as with Dublin and Cork. Also I think the airport owns all the land for miles around so private car parks don’t seem to be a “problem”.

Shannon’s number might be up, transatlantic doesn’t seem to doing great for them, and being a low cost airport didn’t work all that well either. The world class center for airplane stuff is worth trying but the DAA have got rid of a problem.

I think the original split planned for Aer Rianta was an independent and possibly privatized Cork Airport, I seem to remember that the DAA was going to get lumbered with Shannon.

If Cork and Shannon are in competition it’d be hard to see Shannon hanging on to low cost routes. In the past Aer Rianta/DAA have actively blocked proposed Ryanair routes from Cork to protect Shannon. Both Cork and Shannon airports have their problems but Cork can clearly run a profitable business on routes to hubs and holiday destinations.

Seems quite possible that Aer Rianta/DAA have been rewarded for their reckless borrowing by being handed the shape of company they seemed to prefer.

I emailed about the parking issue a few years ago. Pure gouging, they are in the middle of nowhere there. You can get cheaper day rates in Dublin City Centre. I’m happy enough to see the place die off, a pure grant operation that would never survive commercially. Dublin Airport is closer to nearly all the tourist destinations in Ireland by car.

Yep I fly out of Shannon for work a lot and get lifts there and back when possible even though I can expense the parking costs. It fucks me off to pay the loan shark parking prices

And there is no proper bus service to Galway any more since Citylink pulled out.

Oh? I thought the cork- Shannon- Galway service was still running?

Cork-Limerick-Galway is doing a roaring trade shipping student up and down the west coast.

Shannon bus is long gone.

If this new N18-N17 ever gets built it might do one of two things.

  1. Increase passenger numbers in Shannon as the airport is only about 80-85km from Galway
  2. Decrease Passenger numbers as knock airport is only about 85kms away from Galway

I love the fact they are just wiping out the €100,000,000 debt and letting it start again. Are they fucking stupid. At least that should be the end of the farcical grant based life support that has been going on for so long. 40 years ago an international airport was something special, and being the closest one to the US made Shannon worthy of the attention and money that was lavished on it.

These days international airports are everywhere and are about as special as a bus terminal. Shannon needs to stand on its own merits and its own two feet (as does every other airport).

So very true. Grossly overpaid public servants sitting in SFADCO are as we speak forming an action committee to agree an action plan to identify the future for a big airport not very far from the middle of nowhere. Sell it off and remove it from costly public ownership. Start a trend of dumping these useless unused underdeveloped assets. Sell it to someone who has a real interest in its development and success.

Nonsense being talked about Shannon becoming a transport and cargo hub. It is in the wrong place. It is not Atlanta or Schipol or O’Hare. Aircraft and engine technology has changed. Needs have changed.

Or pursue option B. Call the 1960s and tell whoever answers they can have their airport back.

Could it be that the Government are separating Shannon from DAA so it’ll make it easier to sell Dublin Airport?

With statistics like these I think they waited 4 yers too long to sell and lumbered it with the best part of a billion in debt in the meantime. … -large.jpg … -large.jpg

The Chinese military I’m sure would be most interested in an airbase lease in the North Atlantic

And the local landlords could make a fortune providing billets.