Shannon not affected by housing downturn

“Shannon is one of the few areas not affected by the housing downturn.”
According to Fachtna O’Donovan, manager of Sherry Fitzgerald McMahon’s Shannon office.
Below article taken from form the property section of of the Clare people 30/10/07.

They run a feature like this every week, where they highlight and interview a local auctioneer. Basically it’s just a an advertising feature.
Handy for Shannon all the same, having it’s own micro-economic climate. :exclamation: Obviously not affected by all the doom and gloom from the loss of Heathrow slots.

I’m almost certain that on a trip to Kerry about 2 months ago I read almost word for word the same story about some part of Kerry. I think it might have been the property supplement of the Kerryman, but I could be wrong.

I defintely remember talk about good rental yields (although if you actually did the math their idea of good yield wasn’t my idea of good).
I also remember talk about avoiding the worst of the slowdown.

All that said all these articles do kind of merge with each other after a while, so I might be remembering more than one.


Ah, so now we have the reason why the industrial park in Shannon is half-empty.

Everyone is too busy building and selling houses! :smiley:

On the one hand Fachtna says

    and then he follows it up with

I don’t get it Fachtna, if Shannon has not been affected by the slowdown then surely the investors wouldn’t have left the market in the first place.
I think you’re slipping Fachtna.

Isn’t there a special tax relief for Shannon region? Rural Relief or something?