Shannon Park, Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford (-269k, -94%)

House in estate up for sale for 16k
Fitted kitchen and some sanitary ware missing

Previously house in the same estate was on sale for €285k between 2008 and 2011!searchView?houseId=390284

Wow. No interest in living there, but still, that’s a lot of house for your money!.

Yeah but you have to factor in the bullet proof car & vest!

Honestly I’ve no idea of this area, but i know I wouldn’t want to live there based on the horse casually grazing on the community field just around the corner on streetview!

Those houses had sec23 attached @ 90% of the price meaning the real cost is €1600 plus renovation of 4k if your careful.
Rent it for €350 a month and it’s paid for itself in 2 years.

It’s a small Midlands town and is unremarkable for that but definitely a long way from being the worst place in Ireland,though I got poisoned by a bad pint of Guinness there in the local hotel.