Population Shannon circa 10,000.

Irish population growth rate has plummeted in recent years

  • The current population of Ireland in 2023 is 5,056,935, a 0.67% increase from 2022.
  • The population of Ireland in 2022 was 5,023,109, a 0.73% increase from 2021.
  • The population of Ireland in 2021 was 4,986,526, a 0.82% increase from 2020.
  • The population of Ireland in 2020 was 4,946,119, a 1.02% increase from 2019

Even use 1% and adding 600 randomers is 6 years of population growth overnight.

Use the 0.67% and it is almost 9 years of population growth.

It does not take many overnight bus loads to permanently and decisively change the future demographics of an area from Irish with a mix of EU nationalities to overwhelmingly dominated by whatever mix is coming in.

Just a few more drop offs. This should highlight to all how small our population is.

Why should rodders care?
It’s not as if he’ll ever beget children who will have to live with his legacy.
Another reason why homos must NOT be in power

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Facts - In times such as these, well, this is the 6th time think link has been posted on the pin, that’s a fact (at time of posting):

J.D. Unwin, albeit reluctantly, came to the correct conclusion. Modern sociology, anthropology and ethnology are based on ignoring these findings as they cannot be refuted.

Not the first time Shannon has been planted. It was still a very odd town last time I was there (about 20 years ago) after being used to house refugees before in the '70s. Both from the North and a large number of Chileans too.
Even the Trinners admit it.

Ireland’s Area 51 as such or maybe Denver Airport, well, whatever, guess it’s needs reinforcements, that landing strip will be vital in the final conflagration if NATO decides to go Full Spectrum to the very end. The clock is ticking.