Shared Equity Scheme approved by Central Bank

Shocked they would approve this. Prices up, up, up

Shared Equity Scheme

The Central Bank is amending Regulation 3.2 of the mortgage measures regulations to remove
potential ambiguity about regulated mortgage lenders’ ability to participate in the ‘First Home’
shared equity scheme. The amendment to the regulations reflects the Central Bank’s judgement
that based on the characteristics of this form of financing, other safeguards in place including bank
capital as well as the initial scale and scope of the Scheme, it would not be proportionate for the
mortgage measures regulations to altogether restrict lenders from participating in the
introduction of the Scheme on financial stability grounds.

Not surprised any more. Prices going up up up is their basic plan.

“I’ve looked at similar schemes across the world and we’ve improved upon it”

When has Ireland ever pulled that off!

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