Shelbounre Hotel Dublin Protest Counter Protest January 21, 2023

The gang of lads and lassies who enforced years of illegal inhumane unconstitutional lock downs out in style up against professional peaceful protestors.




GB News again doing a job that the redundant Irish media outlets fail to do.

As observed on the pin for some time, the man on the British street knows they will have to act over the Common Travel Area eventually, as they cannot be tied to this rogue state indefinitely. The weakest link in the chain, if they are to ever tackle their own border issues, as the majority want.

Nice bonus shot of the Mary Lou ‘Traitor’ Placard too :cowboy_hat_face:

Le Cheile & Co were invited for comment, but they are so xenophobic they don’t ‘do’ foreign media.

It was observed by the reporter exactly how organised, co ordinated, and clinical the set up of Le Cheile & Co were. It was not in keeping with what is usually seen at street protests.

But then Astroturf is never the same really is it…

Videos of some of the speeches given at the Mansion house Ireland Independence Day 21st Jan, 2023

Unpaywalled Archived link:

It’s funny how there was no “division” appearing from all these anti-immigration protests … quite a lot of local unity and solidarity actually … until the counter-protesters arrived. I don’t remember any protests demanding more immigration “for all” before this kicked-off. But then maybe that would have opened them to accusations of oppression and division!