Sherry Fitz mortgage brokers

Sherry Fitz let go 6 of their 13 mortgage brokers on Friday. Statutory redundancy. They are now going to charge up front for the service. Why would anyone pay upfront for this type of service ?

I wonder how long it will be before a ‘big’ ea goes to the wall.

Why would anyone use a mortgage broker linked to an estate agent? Even one as highly reputable and thoroughly beyond reproach as Sherry Fitzgerald.

They prey on FTBs. (speaking from experience of Allen & Harris in the UK - the SherryFitz of that country in the nineties).

Think Foxtons in the UK were exposed on a television doc,running both broker and EA,the broker ringing up the EA and telling what the max the client could borrow,then EA trots off and tells the client there is another bid on the house etc etc,utterly appalling fuckers,but yeah why would you even consider going anywhere near any company so conflicted in interest.