Sherry Fitz Q1 2007 … icleid=423

Thankfully we can anticipate a rate rise respite between April and June due to the French Election. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Marion not only are you fit but you are funny too.

We havent had a gem like this since she blamed the unseasonly good weather on properties failing to sell under auction. :question:

At first glance the Economic outlook looks quite positive. Exporting rising, good GDP growth, can anyone find fault in it?

Yeah, investor demand has collapsed from 40% to 14%.

It’s a historical report. Can’t really argue with the fact that 2006 was a good year economically for Ireland, and that things appear to be holding up so far this year, though many of the trends are negative (slower mortgage growth, slower investment growth, high inflation, slowing government income growth, slowing residential construction industry and further interest rate increases likely). I’m not really expecting the economy to start showing significant signs of slowdown until the 3rd or 4th quarter 2007.

plus a 5% increase in “investors” selling properties.

Meaning demand has collapsed further in the meantime

This is some rout alright.

GDP growth is irrelevent, imagine an unprofitable company, now imagine it is 5% bigger, its still unprofitable.
Now normally “profit” in this analogy would be exports - imports but we all know that in Ireland that is a sham as the Multinationals repatriate their profits (our Exports) so we need to look to current account balance
and woops ours is -$9,450,000,000 (2006) we are 151/163 in absolute terms.

Last years report for comparisson [adobe acrobat required] … text=rsrch

Outside observers have noticed the cracks: … uTdNpPbDmc

Wonder when will the dam burst?

Anyone see the 9pm news?

RTE interviewed the public on the streets of Kildare and everyone of them blamed the stamp duty on ftb for the uncertainty.It was part of estate agent spin during the main news.

I wonder how many other replies were edited out?
Are people really this gullible or is it an acute case of denial? :open_mouth:

You know whats great about that article, yes you guessed it, NO mention of STAMP DUTY ah… refreshing.

Marion, the spring selling season’s over? don’t say it is so!! think about the children!!! Nooo…!!!

Interesting figures.

The redundancy figures translate into an extra 1,000 or so more reduncies yoy compared to last year. In a labour force of over 2m this doesn’t mean much. I guess the quality of the jobs that are being shed would have to be looked at but still wouldnt read too much into it. I guess when builders finish their current projects and start laying off as the year progresses then that will be interesting to observe. 2nd half of the year will be more interesting in this regard.