Sherry Fitz: Second hand house prices fall 18pc in 08

Come on Marian, don’t be coy, is now a good time to buy?

That woman gives me a pain in the gonads and Im not joking. Would someone pleae tell her the f***ing Celtic tiger is dead and now we are waiting to bury canny Mc Savvy, the builders, the banks and then her ilk after we dispose of the shower in power. :smiling_imp:

I haven’t enjoyed the rate cuts. Rabo are paying less on my cash now.

Dear Seller,
We have finally realized that the pyramidal line “get on the ladder before it’s too late” will no longer work for us to get young suckers into a lifetime of debt. Hence, going forward, in a strategic recalibration of our core competencies we no longer wish to pull the wool over their eyes as because we make money from transactions, we have recently noticed that we are actually fucked.
Therefore, in an unprecedented move we are going to apply something close to the truth, loath as we find it. Prices have collapsed so dear seller, please lower your price or we don’t make a penny.
Regarding you, affordability, or first time buyers, we actually don’t give a shit but we need the money.

I am astonished that this woman is the Chief economist for anyone to be honest. She’s not fit to make tea.

How funny, but how true. :open_mouth:

Everyone has the right to make me a cup of tea. EVERYONE.

No whizzbang, everyone has the right to try to make a cup of tea.

You are quite right, thanks for the correction.

Unfortunately she can’t even win a Plain English Campaign’s Golden Bull award (
I nominated her several months ago for the classic line:

“The results of the price barometer illustrate that the reprieve in the pace of price inflation evident in the first quarter has abated”

It’s possible that the campaign doesn’t give awards to non-UK residents, but she doesn’t appear in their list of winners which was issued on 9 Dec:

Sorry, Marian; I tried my best.


I humbly apologise to every tea maker in the world :confused:

Here was last years oeuvre from SF - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5771

We should also be getting the word from the property economist in CBRE about now as well.

Just like 2007 - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=417

and 2008 - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5834


Some vendors are clearly confused by all the spin. It can be hard to set the price…

Children’s Favourite Stories by Marian

Humpty Dumpty enjoyed a correction from a wall yesterday.

Jack and Jill corrected themselves down the hill.

etc etc

The Bizworld piece does not quote Marian’s article in full … there’s a few extra [MarianSpeakEsperanto] nuggets in there:

“That said we can take comfort in the fact we can anticipate an evolution to a mature, resolute economy with a solid housing market which is more affordable and accessible to our population than it was at any time in the past decade.”

Well that wouldn’t be hard now would it?

Forget the last decade, maybe go back another one, or two.

With approx 150K to lose their jobs in 2009 and most probably a cut in public sector pay of approx 5-7% (who knows) it’s difficult to see any upswing in transactions in the 2nd half of 2009. Another 30-50% falls over the next 2/3 years and we may be there.

Who the fuck is anticipating an evolution to a mature, resolute economy any time soon???

When she says mature, does she mean on its death-bed??? … 58154.html

From Orna Mulcahys article

Where did they come up with that idea? Prices have fallen 50% so they are not gonna fall any further? 50% of too much is still too much, jaysus it amazes me the cheek of these people sorry I should have said the f***ing arrogance of these people. The market will decide not ferryshits.