SherryFitz party political broadcast

More guff from one of the usual suspects.
Apparently now, it’s all NornIron’s fault. And Lisbon. You’ve got to hand it to them - more creative blame as the weeks go on.

Oh yeah. And can someone tell those 500 people who lost their jobs yesterday that it’ll be all grand, and sure they’ll be loaded in a few years time. Good stuff.

Consequently, there are today many people experiencing a pressure on their quality of life through long commuting, high childcare costs and significant mortgage payments. 

They’re called your customers. You remember them. The ones you urged to buy at the peak in 2006 “in case they got left behind”. You remember…“The fundamentals are sound”, “Prices won’t fall”. Surely you remember 2006? No? It’s only like 2 years ago.

OK, so let me get this straight. You don’t like people who try to shift the blame elsewhere? But this whole mess is someone elses fault. Not yours? You had no hand act or part in thise whole property boom/bust thing?

You in no way contributed to people having long commutes and high mortgage payments. You presumably advised people buying in commuterville that the commute would be too long and the mortgage payment too high. Don’t do it you said. It’s not worth it.

This guys bullshit doesn’t affect me, I didn’t buy into his first round of bullshit. But if I had bought a shoebox from him and had a long commute, I’d be might pissed off at this buck passing exercise.

What a twit.


No rush then.

This guy obviously has a PHD from the Toontown school of Bertieomics, “it wasnt me I wasnt there and I cant remember if we sold that property in the arsehole of nowhere or not as it was tttttt ten yyyyyears ago ye see”

To be honest I feel like using much much much stronger language but I know the author of the piece in the paper wont see it so I’ll settle for saying Id prefer the state to introduce strong regulation for that industry and do what the FSA did in the UK which was to place fines and penalties in retrospect for the sins committed over previous decades by life companies but in this case EAs and leave it at that.

Another thing I have to say I relish that these guys have lost all credibility with the public and the more Primetime programmes devoted to exposing their industry the better.

He comes across like a used car salesman. Starts off saying I’m a nice guy and I’m up front with you, but then comes out with little gems like this:

The Irish Times is starting to become a bit of a soap box for these ‘heroes’ to spout their, what’s the word? well shite, yes, that’s the word I am looking for. The quote above just serves to illustrate how self-serving this article is. He may as well have said now is a good time to buy. What a chancer.

I realise that Sherry Fitz is one of our biggest estate agencies.

Does anyone know if they are privately held, and if not, when do they declare earnings?

I’ve a nasty feeling we might never find out what their profit was this year.

That piece smacks of desperation. They are still missing the keypoint: they were market makers in a market that went completely bananas. Now they want to blame someone else. Either they saw it coming and failed to act accordingly, or they didn’t see it coming in which case you’d still have to call their planning into question.

The State could have done a far better job on regulating lending. The estate agents could have done a far better job on regulating themselves.

If, incidentally, the correction is greater than people realise, can he explain to me why asking prices are not reflecting this reality? They are down, but not spectacularly. 10% down in two years where I live.

I want realistic asking prices now, like I did 2 years ago. By that I mean something that is not 30% higher than will be accepted in the same way as I didn’t want something that was 30% less than would be accepted.

This is not a State issue; it’s a seller issue and since estate agents avcise the seller…

Seems like a fairly optimistic statement. So we haven’t yet reached that point of “greatest pessimism” :unamused:

Listen to this man. He knows what he’s saying He has vast experience in the industry :unamused: :unamused:

Optimists think the glass is half full, pessimists think the glass is half empty. This guy strolls up to you in the bar, drinks whatever is in your glass then tells you he’s your friend while blaming the barman for the empty glass.

Mark, Mark, Mark. You’re not rewriting history to make yourself look like one of the bad guys. You’re just adding more evidence to the case that you were one of the bad guys.


The thing is he does know what he is saying. Whether he believes it or not is another matter. He is in the business of selling houses. This article is an attempt to convince people in to buying houses. That is all. He does not care about the country’s interests. He cares about Mark Fitzgerald’s interests.

His whole post is self contradictory

What I think he is actually saying is

doesn’t make much sense

Where have I heard that before?

I can’t get my head around the fact that this guy shares DNA with Garrett Fitzgerald. And has the nerve to try and shift all blame from himself and his like to the government.

There’s lots of blame to go around and the government deserve their fair share. But what a scoundrel.


I presume there’ll be a flood of emails to the IT editor from the Pin people? I’ll be disappointed if there isn’t…

Must dig up some choice S & F quotes.


Isn’t that the system people here regularly laud? Would you want it any other way? :laughing:

Yes, please, get letters out to the IT!

The barrage of propaganda recently is designed to ease the way towards the infamous bailout.

Somebody needs to counter the disinformation, and who better than our eloquent Pinsters?


Here we go again.

Another of the heroes of the Tiger years is provided with a platform in the IT to outline why the events of last decade and a half were such a positive force for good.

Anyone think that a group of such heroes came together recently and decided a that a media blitz/propoganda campaign was what was required to ensure that the plebs out there in negative equity land remained on message?

Or perhaps its even more sinister. Perhaps, every prominent business leader actually sincerely believes that the last decade was of immense benefit to the wider mass of irish humanity.

And of course, in furtherance of his smart ballsy credentials, he proceeds to blame the regulator for not stopping him from flogging shitboxes on flood plains to starry eyed FTBs.

Are these the models we hold up as representative of what we’ve become folks? People who clamour for the right to do as they please and then when it all goes pear shaped flail around in public like spoilt children for someone, anybody else to blame.

“Bertie made me do it…”

These guys are worried. They have access to data that the rest of us dont. They are aware that blame will soon be apportioned. Even Mr Fitzgerald’s fathers political party have begun to twig the coming public mood and are crying about debt-fuelled bubbles.

The doctrine of personal responsibility is very attractive when applied to others…

Poacher said

I hope you are right and someone should call for regulation,investigation of these guys, personally I hope they are squirming.

This is exactly what I was thinking. The natives are getting restless, let’s put out a few puff pieces so we can convince them to approve of a bailout. We already have the govt. in our pocket now just to convince the proles.It is sinister to say the least! Of course Mark’s brother is an economist with the ESRI so Mark doesn’t have to go far to ask an economists opinion.Although the credibility of the ESRI is open to debate. I have to belief in it at all. Dan is gone AWOL only Austin is flogging his wares like a tart at a lamp post. It’s all a very seedy business. The Irish Times! Paper of record indeed. :unamused:

I think the appearance of these articles from Mark Fitzgerald, Denis O’Brien et al over the last few weeks is simply because the Irish Times regular columnists are on holidays, and they can get these guys to write a piece for free (I doubt they are paying). Let’s see if it’s still like that in September.

Sherry Fitz get access to the paper to write this as they pay huge amounts over. So they ring up every couple of months and tell the editor which page they want and which day they want it. they then write a self serving piece which is basically not edited. The IT did revolt a bit by highlighting his self interest by putting his job at the bottom. In fairness this is standard stuff for the media in ireland…he who pays the piper gets to sing a few tunes

Sherry Fitz floated around the dot com boom , had a good run up in the shares, then price collapsed in along with the rest of the dot com market. Then management took it private however investors were not left with alot of choice, it was a take it or leave it “on the floor” offer. There was always a chance they would leave and set up a competitor firm and then what would you be left with.

With no volumes the big EA groups will really put the knife in the market in the late autumn if they have to.

read the article today and note the references to prices have fallen significantly and alot more than per official etc . This is a coded message to vendors to cut the prices quick. It is alright to point to these indexes when prices are going up as gospel but on the way down he was basically saying the info provided by these indexes is not worth the paper it is written on.

it would be great to ask why Gunnes / HOK sold out in summer 2006 along with Sherry selling their stake in MYHOME.

Ultimately they will be a few in mananagement in Sherrys wishing they had sold the shindig as well in 2006 as the value of these EAs will never even be a fraction of what it was in the glorious summer of 2006