SherryFitzgerald block data scraping

I have just read that SherryFitzgerald have done a and prevented data scrapers from gathering price movement data. It’s a shame that what little data we had is being removed.

If daft does the same then we are in trouble

As reported here.

so what, we still have the daft data and we all know that daft is the biggest property site in Ireland :smiley:

If we/anyone really wanted to work around it, we/someone could. I don’t see daft doing the same.

It’s all irrelevant in any case. And by this time next year, individual price drops won’t really be of that much interest.

I’d be surprised if Daft start taking steps - I think it would go against their ‘google-ish’ image.

It’s very easy to get around if you really wanted to.

Surprisingly easy :laughing:

I wonder anyone has asked Sherry Fitz why they are telling sellers to drop their price at the very time that Sherry Fitz is increasing it’s own.


By the way Ken MacDonalds house is no longer advertised for sale on Sherryfitz or myhome. I wonder why :question:

Careful now, we don’t want anyone getting fired around here.


Good question.

Did he sell it?

Probably bought it himself. There’s never been a better time buy, like :laughing:

Bouyant rental market and all…

He’s probably going for the lucrative corporate letting market…