Shomera - extensions and studios

Has anyone had experience with a Shomera.

After looking through the website I was considering using them for a potential extension or putting a studio / cabin down the end of the a garden I may be buying.

Particularly, I wondered about how expensive they were, do they live up to their billing, how long to get done and any experience in living with them.

Nope, but their work looks really good - they used to update their Face Book account with project progress.

A friend of mine got one a few years ago. Don’t know about the cost but the workmanship and installation were top notch. He uses it as a home office; it’s insulated, has underfloor heating and is fully wired.

I had a look at these as an option for a friend who is considering a loft conversion but the shape of the roof is a bit awkward. The bottom of the range was in the order of €12k, but the finish etc. looked great. I would definitely consider for a home office, makes the work/life cut off more definite

What do they charge (per sq ft.) ?

I rang about a Shomera extension before the summer to see how it all works. Seemed to be roughly 1,500/m2, including design and project management. I pointed to a couple of examples they have on their site and there was an extension of about 40m2 which cost 60k or so; another 30m2 cost circa 45k. There was one that had a particularly high spec for the kitchen and a lot of expensive glass so it worked out a bit more than that apparently.

We previously had an architect look at houses with us and he was talking about 1200/m2 or so, plus his fees of around 10% for project management (and extra for drawings and planning application where required) and then whatever you want to spend on a kitchen.

What appealed to me about Shomera was that they make all the walls etc. off-site and then arrive and assemble them. Some of the extensions look great and there’s a definite benefit in handing the whole thing to one company rather than having your builder argue with Dermot and Patricia (I’m basing this exclusively on television learnings).

Anyway, some of the extensions look a big temporary from the outside. That’s the downside of pre-fab, I suppose.

Off topic, I was on the Shomera site today looking at their gallery and saw this:
‘House prices on the rise in south co Dublin’. Very odd. It begins with the headline of a story about rising prices and then just follows the pattern of other case studies.