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Shopping centre expansion to create 6,000 jobs

Wednesday November 04 2009

Developers and investors have vowed to create about 6,000 jobs in a massive regeneration of The Square at Tallaght.

The €250m expansion will see the south Dublin shopping centre almost double in size with new international High Street names and a cinema added.

Some 800 apartments and homes are also planned with construction about to begin.

Centre director Eamonn Furlong said those backing the project were now in a position to make sure it goes ahead.

“It was people power that led to The Square being built in the first place, and it is people power that will ensure this regeneration happens,” he said.

The plan has hit a few stumbling blocks as developers attempted to secure support from a number of different licence holders who hold rights to car parks.

The expansion will take over this land and it is understood South Dublin County Council are prepared to step in and force the licensees to back the plan if the disputes are not resolved. The development team have said they are confident a deal can be struck.

The expansion is part of wider investment in the area which includes office space, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars.

Retailer Penney’s has also committed to open a flagship store at the new centre.

Two thousand construction jobs are expected to be created with developers claiming it will be the single biggest private construction project in Ireland. Developers said the finished centre will employ 4,000 people on top of the 4,500 already working at The Square.

They’re having a laugh.

well, best of luck.

If its a good centre, in a good location, and well run, why not.

Because they are using the discostu method of forecasting.

Quite evidently, they think 2006/07 is possible again.

I wonder what bank is funding it??

I found this, further down the news page, more interesting…

Govt: 67,207 redundancies in 10 months
Wednesday, November 04 10:17:02

The pace of redundancies continued unabated last month with 67,207 lay-offs from Irish firms in the ten months to the end of October.

That amounts to an increase of 110pc on the same period last year with an average of 317 redundancies a day.

The latest Government figures show that 47pc of job losses were in the Manufacturing and Construction sector with 38pc from service businesses. Females now account for 32pc of redundancies, as job losses continue to be spread throughout the whole economy.

Commenting on the figures, ISME Chief Executive, Mark Fielding stated “Ironically, as the labour market remains in crisis, the Trade Unions are threatening economic sabotage by demanding pay increases together with widespread strikes. The lunacy and futility of this policy is self evident and will do untold damage to the Economy, undermining our international reputation and increasing labour costs, when the exact opposite is required”.

I would guess this is for the benefit of NAMA. 6000 jobs my hole.

More unthinking crap from Donal Buckley.

If they bought a flatbed scanner to do this guys job it would be cheaper,
and it’d probably apply a bit more critical thought to the press releases put
in front of it.


Is this an increase the price NAMA pays stunt?

Could be.
We did say many weeks ago to keep an eye out for this sort of thing.
Shedloads of construction projects being “announced” and shag all actual work being done.

Yet another surreal twist in the story of Planet Ireland.


I doubt this will ever happen. There’s already a load of empty apartments/retail units etc in Belgard Square. The restaurants and bars are doing no business and Starbucks has just shut up shop. :angry:

of course it will never happen

They;re just trying to con more money from NAMA

The fact 800 “apartments and homes” (???) are part of the plan is all the evidence you need that this is never going to happen.