Short Facebook?

I mean at least Apple actually make stuff, right?

When’s the last time you heard someone talk about posting an update on their Friendster or Myspace account?

go for it.

personally I think its better to short something thats going down…like spanish banks.

When Yahoo floated, it was valued at over USD2,000 per registered user. That was over 10 years ago. Facebook is floating at around USD 115 per registered user. If Facebook cannot develop a business model that generates well over USD 115 profit per registered user, directly and indirectly, then it really has no business. However, it does not seem a difficult target.

Looks like Bono is seriously rich. Now he can save the world all on his own if he wants to.

That is a crazy statement.

The global advertising market is worth 1 trillion. Facebook is now valued at 10% of that.

Does not, to my mind, compute. I use facebook but I have never, directly of indirectly, bought a product through it - other sites I have - but never Facebook - yes my data is use for tageted sales but I can’t see the value (or at least that level of value).

Hands up who ever clicks on those ads?

My Adblocker gets rid of most of them but they used be for weight loss, hair replacements and the like. Not very flattering or enticing. Then again if they were more appropriate they’d creep me out.

+1 facebook is one of the few sites i’ve actually never indirectly shopped from!

Just dropped into the $38s

Not going great…

Starting to slide back down now. I think long term they have no chance of sustaining that market cap. Advertisers will get smart eventually and they will lose users fairly quickly if they try and make ads more intrusive.

Facebook aside, he has a pretty dodgy investment record.

After the spectacular and acclaimed but ultimately unprofitable ZooTV tour, along with some unsuccessful investments which U2’s then accountant was blamed for, he was almost bankrupted, by his own admission. In more recent years has ploughed a lot of money into his wife’s clothing business which has yet to turn a profit. The Clarence, similarly, has been a money pit, and there seems to have been a lot of fraternisation with property developers in the late bubble period, though how much of their own cash U2 ultimately sank into property investments is unclear.

Still, he was able to rustle enough readies to spend $90m on a stake in Facebook in 2009, so the band’s recent tours have clearly been very good to him!

Didn’t Facebook also throw a lot of cash into a company for photo saoftware?

They have trialled pay for top-posts in New Zealand recently.
Also rumours of pushing advertisements onto 3rd party sites.
Then there is the new app store.

They should be able push revenue upwards from here.
How far is a whole other question.

With 2500* programmers and 900 million users I think they’ll come up with something.

(* may be employee numbers as distinct from programmers)

Worth a read. … ay-network

Um, that’s kind of the “if we get 1% of the global market for bum scratchers, we’ll be rich” argument.

I had to laugh at the 9 news where the pro-Facebook ‘analyst’ was saying that Facebook will make money through “advertising and something else”. Magic fairies I reckon…

Also worth a read. The trading graph is interesting. Flat in the final hour

Cool link. I remember hearing on the radio cicrca 2 years ago that FB was not making the revenue they had expected from advertising. That it simply was not performing. No idea if they managed to turn it around but doens’t look great from that presentation.

Can you imagine a world without facebook or a world moved on. I can and very quickly.

PS not yet. Wait until before the set of numbers after next…

Facebook Suit Over Subscriber Tracking Seeks $15 Billion → … -M48KL.DTL

They say tumblr is where the next generation is, Facebook is for old fogies!

Today’s glitch on nasdaq was pretty telling as it exposed the underwriter’s desire to support the $38 opening price and investors’ ( outside retail) desire to dump FB asap. How long the underwriters can support it is questionable, especially with the volume of shares coming to market over the next 90 days…but it seems unlikely to go below 38.0 until that time.