Short Term Rental

Hi, I have been out looking for a few weeks now for short term rental. I am looking for a one bedroom apt. or cottage, in Dublin or Naas area, anyone and good advice as to best places to find. :smiley:

How ‘short term’? 1 month? 3 months? 6 months?

Three months to start then maybe will be ready to buy.

It might be difficult to find a short term letting in an area that would usually appeal to students, so it would probably be best to avoid those areas, at least until September.

Explain your situation to the agent/landlord and I’d imagine it won’t be too hard to get sorted. An agent might be more willing to do such a deal towards the end of a calender month rather than at the start.

Best of luck.

I had been looking for longer term (and had a lot of problems!) but decided to go for a 3 month rental using which will tide me over until October and I can start looking again!
Hope that helps!