Should we keep tabs on any Polski Sklep shops closing?

I’ll miss them, but these shops would strike me as being an important canary in the coalmine.

On a tangent, have you ever been to Poland and seen the prices back home for the same products? They’re hardy, so transport costs should be very cheap. They must be making 150% on every jar of pickles after all overheads and costs!

The one at the spinnaker in Galway has gone.

Here in Phibsboro, Almost all the new businesses (shops, hairdressers, dentists, doctors, internet cafe’s) that have opened in the past 12 months are Eastern European (mostly Polish). Themain street in Phibsboro is dominated by banks, estate agents and bookies. Sinead Breen properties is the first EA to disappear from the local scene, unlucky for her she setup in the area just as the market bust.

I worked in Phibsborough for about 2 years roughly 10 years ago.
It was always a place for small businesses that regularly opened and then closed about 6 months later.

The only two mainstream businesses were a grotty Tesco and equally grotty Mcdonalds the rest were just grotty Estate Agents and Off Licenses, I really doubt much has changed in the last ten years.

My lasting impression of Phibsborough village was that it was a pretty grim place.
That said the houses around the area were nice, the village was a tacky dump tbh.

Why the hell do the good people of places with nice houses like Phibsborough allow their village to become tackyfied like this ?,
It doesnt seem to happen in areas like Rathgar or Terenure (where i’ve also lived) with very similar housing, but the village centres are just nicer places to be (no pound shops, nice restaurants, organic butchers etc etc…no cheap scobie attracting tackyness).
Imho, Phipsborough could be a lovely place with a lovely village centre like Terenure, Howth, Dalkey etc but they just dont seem to realise it and instead have lovely houses with a dodgy village with cheap shops and off licenses that sell more cider than wine…

We hold on to the tackiness here in Baile Phib in order to keep away the sort of people who are attracted by organic butchers and fancy coffee; it’s an anti- gentrification policy

The Police presence around Bohs matches helps too

Its endemic of areas that manily consit of rental accomodation.

The community is transitory and thus are not local stake holders to organise, object/particiapte on area development plans and so on.

Absolutely, it would be dull and boring if it ended up like that.

A Garda recently told me they need the same number of gardaí for a Bohs vs Shels game, as they do for the GAA final in Croke park.

i know Phibsboro very well and I really love it. The dominant business model is Charity shops. Western Europe’s only worthwhile pub chain, the Porter House, has a brilliant pub there, and I’d rather one of them than a million overpriced coffee pricerape shops.

Despite having more than its fair share of the deprived within its boundaries, any aggro is strictly limited to rival soccer crews on match day. Neutrals stay safe.

Indeed the safety is astounding when you consider the number of houseless (they have a home, Phibsboro, but it’s just not roofed yet).

Each goeth to his own. I go to Phibsboro.

They don’t ‘need’ them - they just like the overtime.

Are you sure he said Shels? - currently languishing in the first division titter)

I thought it was Bohs and rovers who like to go at it the most. Didn’t think shels supporters were in that league. (in more ways than one)

Tut tut. You sound like an EA. The Porter house is the other side of the canal, so it’s actually in Glasnevin not Phibsboro. I’ll have to report you to the ASAI. :wink:

Everything said about the dinginess of Phibsboro is true. However,there’s a pretty large redevelopment plan for the Phisbororo area. … untjoy.asp

Dalymount and the Shopping centre are supposed to be getting bulldosed and rebuilt but council appear to be asking for a change in tack on them … qqqx=1.asp


They just like the fucking overtime…

The *****s!!!

Meh, you see dinginess, I see character. I’m sure it could be turned into another price-the-poor-outta-the-place hole like Sandymount. But it has a good working class feel, and the spire looks fabulous.

Also, you probably haven’t a clue the basin even exists or what it is :wink:

Basically the old shopping centre is ugly 80’s building design. And that pisses you off for 5 minutes before one gets over oneself and opens eyes to the nice things. Most of the likeable things are away from Doyles crossroads. You have to spend a few minutes exploting.

There’s more to life than €5 latte splakkachino joints and haute couture boutiques, and I’m happy with Phibsboro’s lack of them.

Arise Phibsboro and take your place among the nations of the Earth!

The development plan you quote includes plans for the Smurfit printworks which are even further over the canal than the Porterhouse - I always figured Glasnevin doesn’t begin until at least Hart’s Corner, ananyway

Looks like the polish food business is slow in Clonakilty:

There is one gone in Tralee that I have just noticed. It may have closed in the last few weeks.

Reason why they could be going out of business is competition from Irish shops, all Tescos, Dunnes or SuperValues offer now Polish food.

A new sklep opened on Thomas Street only a few months ago - still plenty of Poles around the place. However, beware of the media’s lazy misconception that Poles and other Eastern Europeans are exclusively employed in construction. Those involved in construction may be beginning to take flight but in my experience the majority are employed elsewhere, services for example.

For a slice of anecdotal, I spoke with a mortgage broker a couple of weeks back who informed me that Poles and others from that neck of central/eastern Europe make up about half of all his business of late. Having had a look on Irish jobs it would appear that there may be some truth in this with a number of current vacancies for mortgage administrators with fluent Polish/Latvian/Lithuanian. … RDS=polish

Is this what former Minister McDowell might have described as the the “last sting of the dying wasp” as regards the industries quest for new FTB s/victims?

After 4 years since ascension some imigrants feel quite comfortable here, and it is quite natural they are looking into buying houses. I would not consider this demand artificial or pushed by industry. It is quite opposite, some EAs would not waste their time talking to EEs, some banks would automatically decline loans.


I would agree that there is a natural demand. Its just the timing of such a concentration on the market segment by the industry which could be misinterpreted - or even correctly interpreted ie many immigrants do not follow Irish current affairs and will not be aware that there is a problem in the housing market. Id imagine that some EAs or Mortgage brokers mightnt be too quick to inform them of such either.