SI 168 - vaccinated status now written into regulations

SI 168 of 2021

First ever law to be introduced in Ireland creating 2 tier system of freedom depending on vaccination status

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Minister Donnelly prefaces all his regulations with text such as that in italics below.
For once, it would be helpful to be able to see Oireachteas website video from the Dail chamber in which the minister satisfactorily justifies paragraph (a) as the basis for his authorisation to introduce the legislation, explaining to the public exactly how coronavirus poses an ‘immediate, exceptional and manifest risk’ to human life and health.
How can the threat posed by the virus now be considered exceptional? (it’s been circulating for a year, it’s now normal).
How can the threat posed by the virus be considered immediate or manifest to large numbers of the population who cannot name or think of a single person from their friends, family or neighbourhood to have been infected with the virus in weeks, months or at all??

I, STEPHEN DONNELLY, Minister for Health, in exercise of the powers
> conferred on me by sections 5 and 31A (inserted by section 10 of the Health
> (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public
> Interest) Act 2020 (No. 1 of 2020)) of the Health Act 1947 (No. 28 of 1947)
> and –
> (a) having regard to the immediate, exceptional and manifest risk
> posed to human life and public health by the spread of Covid-19
> and to the matters specified in subsection (2) of section 31A,
> and

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The Revolution already has its anthem.

So far the biggest single mortality incident directly due to SAR CoV 2 in the last year has been the 500 plus old people who died in old peoples homes in the 6 weeks after vaccination as a direct result of an order by the said minister in early January.

So even without any explicitly stated Color of Authority law in Ireland I think the minister should at least be charged with negligent manslaughter. The high rate of death of old people from adverse reaction was already very obvious in the first US data when the minister made the vaccination order.

So next time you see that smug slimy face of Stephen Donnelly remember that he is directly responsible (as the minister ) for the deaths of at least 500 old people at least 40% of which would have had dementia so could not have given informed consent to being vaccinated. These old people would have died alone and cut off from their family (because of an order by the minter) and their family would not have been able to give t hem a decent burial (because of an order by the minter).

I know it goes against all Irish political traditions of anyone taking responsibility for anything but both minsters, Donnelly and Harris, directly responsible for so many deaths need to put on trial for what they have do to the country. For criminal offenses.

And while we are at it both Martin and Varadkar should be joining them in the dock. We can deal with the HSE, NPHET, and CMO incompetent lying scumbags later.


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There are families looking at legal action I think. But not much reporting about it - numbers are up since this article.

And this is Ireland. People in power never get held to account here.

Who’s going to hold them to account? The Gardaí? The judiciary?