Sign of things to come with new developments

Gleann An Locha, Carrick-on-Suir,
Co. Tipperary
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
Reduced price of €192,500 now its

  • First 10 reduced by €25,000 only 167,500
    with the option of a total kit out for €5000 extra
    Lauched the 20TH OF OCTOBER 2007

These houses are already build small estate of about 60 .Not one has sold yet.What happens if you want to buy number 11??

Even with the 25,000 euro reduction I have heard only a few are in the sale agreed phase

Looks like a developer trying to break-even and get the HELL OUT OF PROPERTY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

If the aim is to break even then it is a nice example of how much prices nationwide could fall by. If you consider the rebuild cost to be equal to this guide price, it implies somebody paying €400k in Dublin for a similar property is paying a €225k premium for the site.

also note that prices for all types are 'indicative ’

Bed Detached Houses (House Type A) Region €330,000
3 Bed Semi-detached Houses (House Type C) Region €192,500
3 Bed Terraced Houses (House Type E) Region €167,500
4 Bed Detached Houses (House Type B) Region €350,000

Carrick is a small town with a population of 6,000 but it has a very high unemployment rate as it is.Its awash with new developments that are not selling .It has no industy its a commuter town for Waterford,Clonmel and Kilkenny.Very little has been selling there in the last few months the market has dropped off a cliff.Other villages within a 1-5 mile radius are the same Piltown ,Fiddown and Kilsheelan.
The amount of houses for sale that are also for rent is very high even houses in the premier estates there are not selling are not been able to get them rented out
Its a good case study of Massive Over Development with alot of the new estates already been built there but they not able to sell them
When this starts to happen on a large scale in the larger cities and town then maybe the penny will finally start to drop

Actually the rebuild cost ought to be lower because now suppliers & contractors will have to ‘sharpen their pencils’ to get the work !

These were built at peak cost, & yet still the developer wants a huge premium.

On sharpening pencils…

A texter to the breakfast show on Newstalk this morning said she had a quote of €26,000 to get some plastering done in her house 18 months ago - the same plasterer are now offering to do it for €8,000 for her!

Christ, it wasnt the guy that did the Sistine Chapel was it :open_mouth:

I heard a bunch of Poles got that job and made a balls of it. Instead of plastering the ceiling they spent years painting on it. Thats what happens when you go for cheap labour! :slight_smile:

Carrick is pretty fcked alright…there was about the same amount of houses for sale as clonmel not long ago and there are far more people in clonmel…the fact the its a shithle doesnt help, the amount of building that has went on there was a sign of how irrational the whole building boom of the last few years was…solid fundamentals my ass…

That is true, Carrick has a bad name around the South-East.Its not many peoples choice to re-locate to.

I think Carricks bad name is global, never mind around the South East…4th worst town in Ireland from the Census…aiming for first

Ah! Carrick.

I remember when a trip to the Park/Playground in Carrick was a big deal. Gawd, the innocence of it all.

They got rid of the playground didn’t they? Or am I wrong?

Thank goodness today’s kids have safer healthier forms of entertainment, like in car DVD players. Now when you go on that day trip, you don’t even have to stop and get out of the car.


Carrick ? :frowning: Kerrissst, what a hole.

I’d be interested in hearing how Portlaw is faring. Nicer little place for anyone relocating to that neck of the woods.

I imagine it would have higher average prices, so possibly larger percentage reductions in store. Has it been developed over the last few years ?

A new development Merrion Hall on the Stillorgan Road looks like a ghost town at night.

Drive further up the stillorgan rd towards bray & it’s the same deal, The Grange & the apts opposite it are more or less empty aswell.

I was driving from Tullamore to Gorey and was astonished at the number of large estates in villages/small towns. I know other people have posted on it, but until you see it for yourself, it is eerie to see a totally empty estate fully finished in, e.g. Stradbally or Tullow. These are big estates full of nice looking houses that must constitute a ten year natural supply for the local area!

yeah, ive seen the estate in tullow and a few other towns, it really brings it home. If you’ve any skin in the game, it must be pretty grim these days.

another sign… This week, 3 separate glossy brochures trying to sell houses or apartments in Meath and Louth were dropped into the letterbox (not posted). All very professionally designed and printed. Up to 2 years ago, it was estate agents dropping flyers looking for stuff to sell. (I’m in Dublin city)

more indications that the cycle has moved on again, agents/developers have broken ranks and are trawling for buyers. I’d say another 6 months of this before the next phase…

I am sickened and disgusted beyond words at the outrageous soiling of our countryside and country towns in the last few years by all these awful little developments.

Drive through any vaguely populated area in the entirety of Leinster (whether it be a small town or even just a little garage/pub/shop type village), and on the outskirts there is one of these ludicrous, disgusting, aesthetically bankrupt “developments” of empty duplexes and apartments.

In my opinion, it is nigh-on treasonous to have allowed this unregulated free-for-all to happen to no obvious benefit to the communities they are sited in and to the enormous detriment of our environment.

How dare they? How dare they fuck up the appearance of our country for generations to come with these eyesores? How come not one of these develpments reflects it’s local area in terms of, say, building materials or design? How come none of them rhyme with the places they are situated - no harmony with the surrounding countryside or features? Where were the planning regulations? Where were An Taisce? Dunno, it seems it was just a rubber stamp and then plonk, there you go, another fucking souless, beige development. Who allowed that? Who are these fuckers and why aren’t they being held accountable?

Treason at worst, abuse of power at best. Wherever it is along that scale I don’t know (hang them I say!), but for certainty the whole thing is morally, intellectually, socially and economically corrupt.

And what’s it going to be like for the poor hoors that were conned into buying in these “commuter villages”?

Can you imagine what it would be like to be left unemployed and sitting out in the middle of no where with no car, no services like decent shops etc. Mobile dole offices will be the order of the day, mark my words.