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Oh how times have changes for castlethorne and joe o’reilly, knocking out the dundrum town centre to anglo clients at a miserly yield to shifting dodgy apartments and no money down.

That is nothing be a reprinted press release with a headline that sounds like an ad. Shocking. And this business of not taking deposits till closing is nothing short of sharp practice in my opinion, potentially luring people into rash decisions*. Admittedly those people would have to be total idiots to fall for it, but that doesn’t improve the whiff.


Is B3 good?? I have no idea, but it is the 4th level out of 16 levels. For brand new homes complying with an important national target, is that really the best that can be done? As I say, I don’t know, but B3 sounds not much better than a kind of C+ or B- grade.

  • LibelWatch: Fair comment.

200k for a three bed sounds decent to me.

Edit: A single earner on 50k could probably save up a 40k deposit (20%) in about three years. A 160k mortgage would cost €1200 a month at 7% over 20 years.

From day one Adamstown never had any prospect of other than evolving into a low-flying privately owned Ballymun. It already needs to be razed. Nothing or no one should encourage anyone to put their head in a noose ike this. Tear it down and jail the fucking ‘planners’ who facilitated it.

Yes, but you are forgetting the location in that…

Sure it’s not the best but unfortunately there isn’t a great supply of houses with decent transport links.

If the location was suitable from someone at least it’s actually vaguely affordable albeit with the proviso that I believe 50k salaries will be difficult to obtain for the foreseeable future.


I thought Adamstown had its own Railway station, new school, and two bus routes?

Or am I thinking of somewhere else?

Nope. That’s the one.

Adamstown is often heralded as some sort of incredible and amazing piece of planning when it should actually be about average. However it’s far from the worst and if we’re going to raze it to the ground we’ll have to work through a lot of other developments first.

I can understand the argument of raising it the ground, if it was in the middle of no where, but this is Lucan/Clondalkin, suburban Dublin

I have never seen inside the houses/appartments but €200k with infrastructure,in place, there are houses here in Maynooth going for more or less the same price, and we are 40mins by train to Connolly.

Renting a house/apartment in Dublin must be on a par with the mortgage repayments I would have thought.

I have no interest either way in the Adamstown project.

what do you mean “must”? They haven’t been for years.

I have no idea what you are saying here…

I mean that you say the two costs must be on a par and I am telling you the two costs are not now on a par and have not been on a par for years.

Are you implying that they should be?

I’m not implying anything, just using simple logic, a mortgage of 160,000 over 20 yrs is around €900, renting I would have thought would be similar, cost per month…

I’m not an expert, I was just giving an observation thats all.

I would see €200K as being overpriced today.
I would`nt shell out more than €100K for the 3 Bed with suitable adjustments for the other classes of gaff.

Jeepers, we’ve all been wasting our time on here…

Which means what exactly?

So a two-bed duplex (glorified apartment) costs more than a three-bed house? How does that work?

Which means that the ‘logic’ that it ‘must’ be cheaper to buy rather than to rent is the puff that has been used to inflate the bubble for the last ten years. It hasn’t been true then and it doesn’t appear to be true now. Which means that many people here have spent considerable time trying to counter that ‘logic’ have been wasting their time. The bubble wasn’t a bubble at all. It was all true. Prices have come down so it ‘must’ be cheaper to buy than to rent now!

Jaysus I said all that :angry: