Significant slide in Anglo deposits

Significant slide in Anglo deposits - Emmet Oliver -> … 51076.html

They are withdrawing deposit products and are no longer market leaders in any of the products they do offer. The deposit situation is of no concern as Nama billions will sort it out

This is interesting to me as I closed my own account with Anglo in December.
Essentially it’s all now been moved to Northern Rock.
My next step is to set up a Rabo Account.

I’m wondering if Rabo do a current account and Debit Card that might work out since I genuinely have no interest in leaving money in the Irish Banks.
The ongoing litany of blatant corruption reminds me of primary school in Ireland.

A small group of bullies (read the Politicos, Bankers, Super Corporations and Developers) would regularly abuse and torment other pupils.
Teachers (read Regullators) never interfered and sorted out the trouble.
I rember being spat at and beaten up from time to time. It was not nice. One day a fight broke out. I fought back and choked one of the bullies to submission on the ground. It was quite from there on.

I’m thinking and hoping that the ECB is going to be me in this situation (but from what I know about Europe it’s got it’s own crowd of muppets too).