Signs of the recession

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This is a disgrace, someone get me Niall Crowley CEO of the Equal Rights Authority on the phone , and dont say you cant reach him, he has one in the company car. **How dare Australia subject our citizens to health screening before allowing them enter their country and work there, **this is soooo hypocritical of them after all the Irish did for that country . This must be contravening peoples free rights of movement, im disgusted that their xenophobic attitude extends to subjecting Irish people to a humiliating full medical examination at the cold hands of some doctor on a chilly morning in November,and the awful prick of the needle as they extract the blood, can we establish the compensation tribunal now please.
What an inhumane treatment of a poor brow beaten plasterer for Ballyfiannafail at his most vulnerable as he packs his tighty whities for the long suffereing flight to bondi beach.
Cant Bruce and Sheila down under just follow Irelands example in this, No Health screening for migrant workers…their world would be such a better place just as we have found … 8DD

That isn’t a sign of the impending recession…

Australia, the States have operated these policies for quite some time… Please stay on topic.

Sign of the times as queues for soup kitchens grow

I echo what BB said in the other thread:
“I work in town and the amount of homeless has rocketed in the last year.
Unfortuantely there is going to be a period of adjustment where LLs refuse to drop rents to affordable levels due to their own expenses and people can’t afford the silly rents. This is going to put a lot of LLs out of business and kill pensions of a lot of people who thought they were all set for an early retirement.
While the LLs remain in denial though many people on the edge are going to suffer hardship.”

Rents are too high for even the basic accommodation. They only give less than 500euro for a single person and i think about 900 for a couple renting in the cities.
Many wouldn’t qualify near this amount hence the rent soaks up their dole money hence they are short of money for even basic meals.
The only way out is to have lots of kids as rent allowance is over 1100 for one kid plus all the other social welfare allowances help cushion it. It encourages a welfare state but I wouldn’t blame them if they are starving.

Aldi planning 35 new Irish stores

France is to introduce Sunday trading . The days of the long french sunday dinner with all the family around may soon be just a distant memory, happy days.

nice to see Sarkozhy sees more consumerism and materialism as a solution to a problem brought about by excessive consumerism and materialism…

There was one person (apart from the barmaid) in my local pub last night (Tuesday at 8:30pm)
I’ve never seen it like this before. There has always been at least 8 or 9 people in there, even on the most stormy of Monday nights. I actually took me by surprise.
It seems like since July/Aug 2008, the arse has fallen out of the country. It’s happening so quickly, it’s scary.

We have got a few of our customers calling now to say they’ve gone bust. It would be interesting to see the level of dissolved/liquidated companies since July 2008 on

The pubs down my way have been like that for a lot longer then again the building has been stopped for most of the year.

You won’t see the crash show through in disolved comapnies for quite a while yet.

Sweet Jesus, I was absolutley shocked at reading that. Images of the Great Depression of the 1930s springs to mind.

Accountants who specialise in receivership and liquidation, debt collectors, bailiffs, pawn brokers will do well from the recession and anybody working in the cheap side food industry should be safe enough!

Pip have a look at the introductions thread. It might give you some info on ages / profiles of some of the posters.

Civil service jobs.

The staple economy: food, energy, telecommunications, transport.

In terms of new job prospects, young people (18-35) will fare better than the 35-50 year-olds, who’ll fare better than the 50+ age group.

The educated will be fine (they may think life’s tough but they won’t be the ones starving and shivering with the cold in silence).

Like most Interwoogie forums it’s probably mostly male, but we’ve got plenty of long-standing female posters too. Age group would largely be 25-40 I think. A wide wide range of occupations though Finance, IT, Engineering and the Civil Service seem to be the most popular sectors. Also a wide mix of renters, STRs, owner-with-mortgage and owner-without-mortgage, though we do have the (very) occasional BTL Canny poster. BTLers tend not to like it round these parts, can’t think why :angry:

Locations, also everywhere but oddly enough Dublin, Cork and Galway seem to have the more vocal posters

Plus a few resident EAs, one of them posts occasionally from Australia :angry:

I wonder could you walk into your local on a night like this with a few pals and ask what their best price for a pint is? :smiling_imp: :mrgreen:

I went in for a few cans to take away so I got a good price! :smiley:
This pub has been around years, and survived the 80s. I doubt there is any debt, or too many overheads for that matter.

I wandered into the Rathmines Inn last Saturday night and apart from myself and my companion, there was a barman reading the newspaper, a guy singing Christy Moore songs (he was being paid to provide entertainment) and a group of Spaniards in the corner. Its not a regular haunt so I dont know the place very well but it seemed quite recessionary to me! They seemed to be doing a steady enough trade in take outs though.

In town (Dublin) tonight on the other hand, and the place was busy enough.