Silence is golden

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That’s good! I like the tin of pineapples! :smiley: I wish I knew how to put one of those things together. Is it difficult?

Threw that together on a PC using Windows Movie Maker - which is there as standard on any machine runnng XP/Vista. Just drag a load of pics into a new collection, drop them on the timeline, drag the audio you want on to the timeline and rearrange pics in appropriate order. The above effort took aout an hour last night.

Just as easy to do on a Mac or a *nix box.

Cheers! WGU! I must give it a go! Endless hours of amusement no doubt!

Who says nothing good comes out of recessions? Thanks for the lift WGU.

Well done WGU! Golden!

Bravo, Sir!

You sir, have a definite talent. Kudos 8)

I wouldn’t mind - but this stuff ain’t my day job - these people just piss me off so much that it’s either drink myself into oblivion or turn their ineptitude back on them through satire.

WGU is the Official Pin Shopaholic :smiley:

I think its pretty boring to be honest
An hour of your life wasted

Just think of it as 3 minutes of your life you’ll never get back again instead!


Very,very good. I never bother sending such things to friends but I’ve already sent it to people in the US and Scotland.

That “jump, you fuckers” sign cracks me up everytime.

Spot the Anglo Shareholder…

Terrific WGU - keep it up (the effort I mean).

Talented… most definitely… your too modest to say it was easy.
Definitely a Golden Globe for that.

Anyone else spot the subliminal message behind Neary around the 2minute10 mark…class

Thanks WGU